General Guidelines

The process of academic advising assists students in selecting appropriate courses, enhancing their academic performance, planning for graduation, and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with their advisors about academic goals and career objectives commensurate with their interests and abilities. Academic advisors are responsible for assisting students with understanding and interpreting academic policies and guidelines, helping students develop an educational plan, and monitoring advisee progress towards degree completion. Advisors meet with students each semester to discuss course selection for the upcoming term and provide the RAC (Registration Access Control) number. Students are responsible for contacting their advisors before each registration period or when help is needed. Undeclared students seeking academic advisement can visit the Academic Advising Center (AAC). Declared students generally set an appointment with their assigned faculty advisor or meet with them during office hours. Once the courses have been identified and the RAC number received, students are responsible for completing the online registration.

Undeclared Students

All first year and new transfer undergraduate students are assigned to the Academic Advising Center (AAC) for advising. The AAC also advises declared major students on academic probation. Undergraduate students enrolled in Level III of the Intensive English Program should seek advising assistance from the AAC to facilitate a smooth transition to the undergraduate program. Scholarship students are required to seek advising from AAC based on their scholarship defined major.

Declared Students

When a student completes 60 credits of undergraduate work, s/he is required to declare a major. All declared major students are assigned a faculty advisor based upon the student’s major and advisor availability. The assigned faculty advisor is responsible for working with the student on such issues as course selection and academic challenges. The major declaration form must be signed by the current advisor, the new advisor, the appropriate department chair, and sent to the Registrar’s Office to update the student’s record. Scholarship students are required to declare their major at AUK in accordance with their scholarship defined major.




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