Computers are everywhere in today’s society. The infrastructures of so many elements of our everyday lives are increasingly dependent on computers and digital communication. Understanding the foundations of this technology and what it can do, helps controlling and shaping the processes of modern society.

The Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) department at AUK offers two Bachelor degree programs; a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. Both programs cover the principles of computing and keep the students well-informed on the latest developments in technology. CSIS students not only gain a solid foundation in the theory and design of modern computing systems, but they are also given opportunities to test and apply their knowledge in lab assignments, in-class projects, and in a year-long senior capstone project. The program also offers two minors; a minor in Computer Science and a minor in Information Systems.


The vision of AUK’s Computer Science and Information Systems Department is to be a leading program in Kuwait and the region that offers high quality undergraduate disciplines in the Computing field.


The mission of AUK’s Computer Science and Information Systems Department is to provide its students with a quality education based on computing fundamentals, entrepreneurship, and the Liberal Arts. The department will prepare its graduates for successful careers in industry, government, and graduate studies, as well as lay the foundation for lifelong learning.


The values that guide the Computer Science & Information Systems Department at AUK are:

  • Teaching - Academic excellence, learning, understanding and application.
  • Creativity - Creative ideas and solutions in teaching, learning, research, and scholarship
  • Service - Service to the Department, the College, the University, the Community and the discipline.
  • Character - Integrity, honesty, professionalism, accountability and continuous self-improvement.

Admission To The Computer Science Or Information Systems Program

Admission to the Computer Science or Information Systems programs takes place upon the completion of the preparatory courses MATH 095, 100, and 110, with an overall university GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Transfer equivalencies from ABET accredited programs ( or equivalent will be considered. We also accept transfer from non-accredited programs for the courses that do not fall under the prefixes CSIS.

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