The Department of Music and Drama offers a wide range of opportunities for both beginning and advanced students. Entry-level courses in piano, guitar, voice, and acting are available for those who are new to the performing arts, while students with a deeper interest can enroll in private lessons on instruments or voice, or take part in major theatre productions. Each semester our faculty of talented professionals works closely with students to prepare them for campus concerts and plays. Students also enjoy academic courses involving the history, culture, and theory of music and drama.

Performing arts facilities include a black box theatre, a piano laboratory, a special music classroom, and several practice rooms each equipped with digital pianos. The department also houses a complete xylophone ensemble and two grand pianos, including a state-of-the-art Yamaha CX7 2.32 m. concert grand.

Mission Statement

The Department of Music and Drama explores music and drama in the context of a liberal arts education through both academic study and performances. By doing so, it provides artistic and cultural enrichment to the university and the surrounding community. Moreover, by educating students in culture, history, and theory, and providing training in applied skills, the department fosters artistic proficiency, cultural appreciation, a sense of camaraderie, and a lifelong commitment to the arts.


  1. A culture of excellence that upholds the highest academic, artistic, and ethical standards
  2. Development of each student’s potential through interaction with engaged artist teachers and scholars.
  3. Musical and dramatic initiatives that encourage discovery and appreciation of diverse styles, genres, traditions, and perspectives.
  4. Outreach and interface with the greater community.


The music and drama programs of the Department of Music and Drama will be recognized nationally for their outstanding quality and value. The Department will be housed in exceptional specialized facilities that are equipped with discipline-specific apparatus and superior musical instruments. The Department will be supported by a network of substantial community partnerships. It will be recognized as a major musical and dramatic arts resource for residents of Kuwait. Faculty in the Department of Music and Drama will be known for excellence in performance, scholarship, and pedagogy as well as for their contributions to the culture of the university, the community, and their professions. There will be minors in Music and Drama and graduates will be respected for their Department preparation and have a life-long commitment to the performing arts.

Learning Outcomes

The main objective of the Department of Music and Drama is to create a life-long love of the performing arts while imparting students with an understanding of the complexity of music and drama and the significant role these arts play in society. These goals are achieved through coursework as well as extra-curricular department activities. In this pursuit, students achieve basic proficiency in the following skills:

  • Practical Skills: Demonstrate an understanding of musical and dramatic components and processes.
  • Knowledge and Understanding: Develop an understanding of various musical and dramatic cultures, historical periods, and theories of the art.
  • Transferable, Generic Skills:
    • Interact effectively as part of a team.
    • Communicate and present their work.
    • Evaluate their product and planning process.

Music Courses:

MUSC 101 Music Appreciation
MUSC 105 Introduction to World Music
MUSC 110 Applied Lessons
MUSC 160 Ensemble
MUSC 165 Percussion Ensemble
MUSC 215 Guitar Class
MUSC 216 Piano Class
MUSC 217 Voice Class
MUSC 220 Music Theory I
MUSC 230 Music Theory II
MUSC 310 Applied Lessons II
MUSC 369 Short Course
MUSC 370 Music of the Arabian Peninsula
MUSC 388 Independent Study
MUSC 389 Special Topics
MUSC 399 Music and Culture Study Abroad

Drama Courses:

DRAM 101 Theatre Appreciation
DRAM 150 Introduction to Acting
DRAM 211 Contemporary Theatre
DRAM 212 Ancient Greek Theatre
DRAM 213 Shakespeare for Beginners
DRAM 250 Acting I
DRAM 350 Shakespeare in Performance
DRAM 360 Theatre Production
DRAM 369 Short Course
DRAM 388 Independent Study
DRAM 389 Special Topics

Certificates in Music and Drama

The Department of Music and Drama recognizes students who excel in the Performing Arts. AUK students who graduate with 18 credits of courses that have the prefix MUSC are eligible for the prestigious DEPARTMENT CERTIFICATE in MUSIC. AUK students are eligible for the DEPARTMENT CERTIFICATE in DRAMA who take 15 credits of courses with the prefix DRAM or who in combination take the following Drama related courses: ARAB 304 Arabic Drama; ENGL 402 History of Theatre and Drama; ENGL 403 Modern Drama. Please note: The certificates are issued at the Department level and are independent of the College or the greater university. Certificates indicate recognition of student accomplishments by faculty only.


FAJGA, Agnieszka, Assistant Professor of Music; Post-Graduate Studies, 2014, Nowowiejski Music Academy, Bydgoszcz, Poland.

JAHANMIR, Yasmine, Lecturer of Theatre & Drama; M.A., 2010, New York University, New York, USA.

URKEVICH, Lisa, Department Chair, Professor of Musicology/Ethnomusicology; Ph.D., 1997, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, USA.


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