The Office of the Registrar provides administrative services that support academic units, faculty, and students under the mission of AUK. Services include class scheduling, student registration, grade reporting, transfer credit processing, degree audit development, graduation certification, and academic transcript processing. Additional responsibilities include classroom scheduling and management, coordinating maintenance of the catalog, development of the academic calendar, degree and enrollment verification, academic record maintenance, and course inventory maintenance. For additional information about the Office of the Registrar, please visit the office, call us at ext. 3167, or send an email to:

Placement Testing, Advising and Registration

Placement Testing

All students are evaluated for English, Math, and Arabic proficiencies as part of their admission and registration process. Students are required to take placement exams for assessment in English, Math, and Arabic. Students who meet the English proficiency requirement for undergraduate studies (as listed in the Admissions section of the catalog) will be exempt from the English placement test. Students whose placement scores do not meet the college-level benchmarks for registration in undergraduate English and/or Math will be required to take preparatory courses (below 100-level), which do not count for credit toward the completion of the bachelor’s degree. Students who have successfully transferred their college English or Math to AUK may be exempt from the placement exam for that subject. If by the time of registration, courses have not been transferred, students have the right to defer their admission or take the appropriate placement exam(s) and register for the courses in which they placed. Once students have enrolled in their courses, no credit will be transferred for the course(s) in which they placed, irrespective of the outcome of transfer evaluation.

Academic advising is mandatory for all students at AUK prior to registration. All incoming, non-declared, and probation students receive academic advising through the Academic Advising Center. Students with declared majors are assigned to and must meet with a faculty advisor. The student’s educational plan is based on, but not limited to, placement results and/or intended major/area of interest. To help facilitate the advising process, students are encouraged to become familiar with the university’s Academic Catalog and requirements for degree completion. The academic advisor will assist the student in the identification and selection of courses that meet general education and degree requirements, after which the student is eligible to register for courses.

Students register online through AUK’s Self-Service.

Confidentiality of Records:
All student records are considered confidential and will not be released without the express written consent of the student. Confidentiality of records includes grades, counseling and advising information, and student progress. The university has the right to share whether students are enrolled and their degree program. Certain circumstances require the university to release information, which include but are not limited to: government requirements, legal requests, and health and safety risks. Students wishing to provide third party access to their records are required to complete the “Disclosure of Academic Records Form” available in the Office of the Registrar.


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