Permanent Record

Every student who registers at the university has a permanent record, maintained in the Office of the Registrar under the student’s AUK ID number. Students may access their academic records through their AUK Self-Service accounts. Academic advisors and professional staff may access students’ academic records through the Banner database.


Students may obtain unofficial transcripts of their own academic records through their AUK Self-Service account. Official AUK transcripts must be requested through the AUK Banner Self-Service (if a current student) or from the Office of the Registrar if no longer a student. Transcripts are released only upon the signed request of the student concerned. The university only issues complete transcripts and does not release any documents from the student file (e.g., copies of the non-AUK transcripts or other documents which may be part of the student’s file). Once a degree has been posted to the transcript, changes will not be made to courses or grades that were earned prior to the awarding of the degree.

Disclosure Of Student Records

Student academic records are considered confidential. Students wishing to access their own official records must present a valid AUK Student ID to the appropriate office. With the exceptions noted below, student records will only be released to specified parties when the student has completed and signed the Disclosure of Academic Records Form available in the Office of the Registrar.

Without the student’s written consent, parents, guardians, and other parties may only receive limited directory information, such as enrollment status, declared major, and class standing.

The university may disclose information, including academic records, without prior written consent of the student:

  • When the university is presented a subpoena.
  • For health and safety reasons at the discretion of the appropriate university official.
  • To university officials, academic advisors, and faculty on a need-to-know basis.



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