About Us

Academic Support Services are designed to foster independent, responsible, and successful lifelong learners by:

  • Improving study skills and increasing understanding of course content;
  • Developing critical thinking and literacy skills, and strategies for effective communication;
  • Developing academic planning and decision-making skills;
  • Providing accessible and efficient registration processes;
  • Enhancing effective course selection and advancement toward degree;
  • Ensuring clear, current, and accurate information on courses, schedules, programs, and university policies;
  • Enhancing self-confidence and encouraging a positive attitude toward learning.

Academic Support Services aims to provide outstanding academic support to enhance AUK’s learning and teaching environment and to meet the Kuwait community’s diverse needs. We seek to achieve the highest level of professional and academic standards through practice, research, reflection, assessment, and revision. Through continuous assessment, the use of digital tools, and collaborative partnerships, we aspire to become a local and regional leader and innovator in academic support practices and strategies.

  • Academic Advising Center (AAC): advises all undeclared students & students on academic probation.
  • Office of the Registrar (RO): assists student registration, maintains student records, updates curriculum, creates course schedules, and implements policies & procedures.
  • Learning Support Services (LSS): provides tutoring and writing assistance to all AUK students through the Tutoring Center and the Writing Center.

Ms. Areej Awad, Senior Administrative Assistant