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Policy on Attendance and Lateness
Intensive English classes meet two to three times a week, Sunday through Thursday. Because of the intensive nature of the program, regular attendance by students in all courses is expected and required. The IEP adheres to the university's policy on attendance. Individual instructors may set more stringent policies, however, so students should consult the syllabus of each course. The university policy on class attendance is as follows:

  • Students are expected to attend all classes, laboratories, and/or required fieldwork. Excessive absences prevent students from receiving full course benefits, and disrupt orderly course progress.

  • It is at the instructor's discretion whether or not to give substitute assignments or examinations to absent students.

  • Instructors are expected to maintain attendance records and to draw the student's attention to attendance requirements.

  • If the student misses 15% in any one or combination of classes (whichever comes first) for any reason, and the student's grade is below 70% at that time, the student may fail the level. If the student has not withdrawn by the last withdrawal date, the student may receive a final grade "FN" (Failure for Non-Attendance).

  • Students who withdraw from a course receive a grade of "W."

  • Students cannot withdraw from the IEP semester after the announced deadline, unless approved by the appropriate academic dean (see WITHDRAWAL section in the catalog).

  • Instructors are requested to consider excusing the absence of students in the following cases: documented inpatient medical care, death of an immediate family member, academic instructional activities, or national athletic activities. If excused, students are required to satisfy all coursework due or assigned during their absence, as determined by the course instructor.


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