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Program Overview  
Program Structure  
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Program Structure

Pedagogical Foci
Throughout all of the levels of instruction the focus is on reading, writing, listening and speaking, integrating grammar and vocabulary. As the student’s proficiency in English increases, the Intensive English courses become increasingly academic in character. At the advanced level, coursework simulates the academic, credit-bearing university courses.

Methods of Instruction in Intensive English
The methods of instruction are Task-Based, Cognitive Academic Language Learning, and Workshop. The texts, materials, equipment and methods used in the Intensive English Program are all state-of the art and are designed to meet the student’s needs. Instructors are trained and experienced in teaching English as a second language, especially for academic contexts. Intensive English classes are small, and each student will receive extensive individual attention.

Duration of IEP Language Study
The length of time required to complete the Intensive English Program varies with the language ability, the background, and the performance of the student in his/her studies. Students who enter the program require from one to three semesters to complete the objectives and attain the necessary skills for admission into the degree programs of the university.

Hours of Study
A student will receive 20 hours of classroom instruction a week. In addition, a student is required to participate in self-access computer-aid instruction and participate in reading groups for five hours each week. These programs consist of independent learning modules in computer, reading, and audio-visual labs.


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