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Minor In History (18 Credit Hours)

History Minor Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the AUK History minor, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic historical understanding of modern world history.
  • Acquire familiarity with the uses of historical comparison as an analytic tool.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to deal with differences in interpretation.
  • Demonstrate an ability to recognize and interpret multiple forms of evidence (textual, visual, oral, statistical, artifacts from material culture).
  • Apply basic historical methods of research.
  • Recognize the distinction between primary and secondary sources, understand how each are used to make historical claims.

Students minoring in History* are required to take six courses (18 credit hours) of which at least three courses (9 credits hours) must be taken at AUK. Students must complete three core courses (9 credit hours):

HIST 105 World History Since 1900 (3)[S]
HIST 205 Modern Europe (3)[S]

and one of the following:
HIST 110 Twentieth Century Middle East (3)[S]
HIST 201 History and Politics of Kuwait (3)[S]

*Since some history courses at AUK do not carry the HIST prefix, non HIST-prefix history courses are listed below and may be counted toward the Minor in History:

AMST 121 US History Since 1900 (3)[S]
AMST 220 Early American Political History (3)[S]
AMST 402 American Social History in the Twentieth Century (3)
AMST 409 American Foreign Policy Since WWII (3)
IR 400 Colonialism (3)

*Students must also take an additional three 300-level or above HIST courses (9 credit hours) and/or history courses which are 300-level and above in AMST or IR.

Minor In International Relations (18 Credit Hours)

Students minoring in International Relations are required to take six courses (18 credit hours) of which at least three courses (9 credits hours) must be taken at AUK. Students must complete the following four core courses (12 credit hours):

HIST 201 History and Politics of Kuwait (3)[S]
IR 101 Introduction to International Relations (3)[S]
IR 102 Trends in International Relations (3)[S]
PLSC 203 Comparative Politics (3)[S]
IR 206 International Political Economy (3)[S]

Students must also take two 300-level or above courses (6 credit hours) in the following prefixes: AMST, HIST, IR, and PLSC. Students may substitute one upper-level course approved by the minor’s Program Lead from the following prefix designations: ECON, PHIL, and SBSA.

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