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Degree Requirements

University Degree Requirements (124 Credit Hours)

To receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in International Relations, students must complete at least 124 credit hours. Students should be mindful of the College requirement that a minimum of 36 hours of upper-level (300-level and above) courses must be completed at AUK. Twenty-seven (27) of these upper-level hours need to be taken in the IR major.

  • General Education Requirements (49)
  • Major Requirements (48), composed of:
    • Core Courses (18)
    • Area Studies Courses (27)
    • Capstone (3)
  • International Relations Electives (12)
  • Free Electives (15)
Math Requirements (48 credit hours)
Major requirements include 6 required core courses (18 credit hours), followed by 9 Area Studies courses (27 credit hours) in "Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution," "International Law and Organizations," "International Political Economy," and "International Relations and History," and one (3 credit hours) capstone:

Core Courses (18 credit hours)
Students must take the following core courses (18 credit hours):

  HIST 105 World History Since 1900 (3) [S]
  HIST 201 History and Politics of Kuwait (3) [S]
  IR 101 Introduction to International Relations (3) [S]
  IR 210 Methods of Research in International Relations (3) [S]
  IR 202 Trends in International Relations (3) [S]
  IR 206 International Political Economy (3) [S]
Field Concentrations (27 credit hours)
Students are also expected to take 9 (27 credit hours) additional upper-division (300-level or above) courses, three courses from each of the three fields in which the student chooses to concentrate. Students may select, with the approval of their advisor, special topic courses in either History (HIST 389) or International Relations (IR 389) or American Studies (AMST 389) to fulfill Field Concentration requirements.
Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution
  AMST 409 American Foreign Policy Since World War II (3)
  IR 307 International Relations of Arab States (3) [S]
  IR 310 20th Century Arab Middle East (3) [S]
  IR 345 Conflict Resolution (3) [S]
  IR 386 Perspectives on US Foreign Policy in Middle East (3) [S]
  PLSC 321 Islamic Political Philosophy (3) [S]
  PLSC 322 Western Political Theory (3) [S]
  PLSC 327 Comparative Ethnicity, Identity, and Ethnic Conflict (3) [S]
International Law and Organizations
  IR 339 International Organizations (3) [S]
  IR 341 Public International Law (3) [S]
  IR 342 International Human Rights (3) [S]
  IR 343 Terrorism and International Law (3) [S]
International Policy Economy
  HIST 401 Economic History: 20th Century (3)
  IR 309 Dynamics of Globalization (3) [S]
  IR 306 Global Political Economy (3) [S]
  IR 412 Sustainable Development (3) [S]
  PLSC 405 Comparative Economic and Political Systems (3) [S]
International Relations and History
  AMST 333 American Culture (3) [S]
  HIST 303 Ancient History (3) [S]
  HIST 305 History of the Islamic World (622-1800) (3) [S]
  HIST 307 Arab History (1798-1923) (3) [S]
  HIST 311 Ottoman History (1400-1923) (3) [S]
  HIST 317 Topics in English/British History (3) [S]
  HIST 401 Economic History: 20th Century (3)
  HIST 421 Intellectual History (3)
  HIST 430 Oral History (3)
Capstone (3 credit hours)
In consultation with his/her advisor, students should take one of the following IR Capstone courses during their senior year.
  IR 485 Senior Seminar in Conflict Resolution (3)
  IR 486 Senior Seminar in International Law & Organizations (3)
  IR 487 Senior Seminar in International Political Economy (3)

International Relations Electives (12 credit hours)
Students must choose 4 courses (12 credit hours), in consultation with their academic advisors, from the following prefix designations: AMST, COMM, HIST, IR, PLSC, and SBSA. Students may also substitute courses approved by the Program Chair from the following prefix designations: ECON, FRNC, ITAL, PHIL and SPAN.


Free Electives (15 credit hours)
Majors are expected to take 5 courses (15 credits hours) of their choice from among courses in the CAS or CBE.


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