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Mathematics Courses

Minor in Mathematics (21 credit hours)

Program Requirement

  • At least 9 credit hours must be taken at AUK.
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 in the minor requirements is needed to successfully complete the Mathematics Minor program.

Core Courses (12 credit hours)
To complete a minor in Mathematics, students must complete the following 4 core courses:

MATH 201 Calculus I (3) [M]
This course includes a review of polynomials and transcendental functions of one variable. It is followed by in depth covering of the differential calculus topics. These topics include limits, derivatives, and applications of differential calculus to real-world problem areas.
MATH 203 Calculus II (3) [M]
Riemann sum, fundamental theorem of calculus, fundamental integration techniques, numerical integration, applications of integrations, improper integrals, sequence and series, and the use of CAS. Prerequisite: MATH 201.
MATH 205 Linear Algebra (3) [M]
Topics include systems of linear equations, matrices, Gauss-Jordan elimination, determinants, vectors in two, three, and "n" dimensions, vector spaces, eigenvectors and eigenvalues, linear transformations, inner product spaces, complex vector spaces, and applications to various fields. Prerequisite: MATH 203.
MATH 206 Calculus III (3) [M]
Parametric equations, polar coordinates, surfaces in space, functions of several variables, partial derivatives, the chain rules, gradients, directional derivatives, total derivatives, Lagrange multipliers, multiple integrals, Fubini's Theorem, cylindrical and spherical coordinates, vector fields, line integrals, curl, divergence, Green's and Stoke's theorem. Use of CAS. Prerequisite: MATH 203.

In addition, students must complete (in consultation with their academic advisor) 3 other courses (9 credit hours) chosen from among the following:

MATH 207 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (4)
Functions of Several Variables. Vectors & Geometry of space. Linear Sys. & Matrices including Determinants, Linear Systems of Equations, Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors. Vector Functions. Curvature, Motion in Space. Multiple Integrals. Introduction to Vector Integral Calculus: Fields, Line & Surface Integral, Green's, Stroke's, & Divergence Theorems. Complex Analysis: complex numbers and functions, differentiation and integration. Use of CAS. For Engineering majors only. Prerequisite: MATH 203.
MATH 210 Differential Equations (3) [M]
Differential equations of first order, applications, singular solutions, linear equations with constant coefficients, miscellaneous methods for equations of higher order, solution in series, total differential equations, qualitative methods, and the use of the Laplace transform. Prerequisite: MATH 203.
MATH 213 Discrete Mathematics (3) [M]
Logic of compound and quantified statements, elementary number theory, modular arithmetic, methods of proof, sequences, mathematical induction, set theory, matrics, functions, relations, graphs, combinatories, and trees. Prerequisite: MATH 101 or MATH 110
STAT 214 Statistics for Engineers (4) [M]
Students will be given an in-depth exposure to proofs of statistical formulas and theorems. Topics for study will include counting methods, probability, discrete and continuous random variables, probability distributions, density functions, expectation, moments and moment generating functions, sampling distributions and the Central Limit Theorem, point and interval estimations, hypothesis testing, unbiased estimators, consistency, sufficiency, robustness, regression and correlation. Prerequisite: MATH 203.
MATH 325 Numerical Computing (3)
Introduction to numerical algorithms, root finding, Approximation of functions, collocation, numerical integration and differentiation. Sophomore standing or Permission of instructor. Prerequisites: MATH 203 and CSIS 120.
MATH 389 Special Topics (3)
Can be repeated for credit with a different topic. Permission of instructor.
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