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Program Overview  
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Degree Requirements  
Student Learning Outcomes  
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Minor In Social And Behavioral Sciences - Concentration In Anthropology (18 Credit Hours)

Students must complete one core course:

SBSA 101 Introduction to Social and Behavior Sciences, Concentration in Anthropology (3) [S]

In addition, they must complete five additional courses (15 credit hours) from any of the Concentration Courses listed above for the SBSA major. At least three courses (9 credit hours) must be upper-level (300-level and above).

Minor In Environmental Studies (18 Credit Hours)

The minor in Environmental Studies allows students to take courses from a variety of disciplines in order to increase their awareness of the complex environmental issues faced by human societies.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the AUK minor in Environmental Studies, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the scientific, technical, social, cultural, economic, and political frameworks related to global and regional environmental concerns, including the policy dimension of environmental issues.
  • Analyze environmental values in contemporary society.
  • Evaluate and advocate practical solutions to complex environmental problems

Program RequirEments

  • A grade of “C” or better in each course.
  • At least 6 credit hours must be taken in upper level courses (300-level or above).

To complete a minor in Environmental Studies, students must complete the following courses:

Core Course (3 credit hours)
  ENVS 101 Introduction to Environmental Studies (3) [S]
Environmental Sciences (3 credit hours)
Choose one course from the following:
  BIOL 105 Environmental Science (3) [P]
  CHEM 103 Chemistry in Everyday Life (3) [P]
  CHEM 103L Chemistry in Everyday Life Lab (1) [P]
  PHYS 105 Environmental Physics (3) [P]
  PSYC 202 Developmental Psychology (3) [S]
Environmental Studies Electives (12 credit hours)
Choose four courses (12 credit hours) from the following list. Three of these must be upper-level (300-400 level).
  BIOL 220 Ecology (3) [P]
  CHEM 305 Environmental Chemistry (3) [P]
  ECON 363 Environmental & Natural Resources (3)
  ECON 409 Economic Development (3)
  ENVS 215 Environmental Data Analysis (3) [S]
  ENVS 220 Energy & the Environment (3) [S]
  ENVS 230 Environmental Geology (3) [P]
  ENVS 305 Environmental Health (3) [P]
  ENVS 310 Environmental Ethics (3) [S]
  ENVS 320 Global Environmental Policy (3) [S]
  ENVS 325 Health, Environment & Armed Conflict (3) [S]
  ENVS 340 The Gendered Environment (3) [S]
  ENVS 389 Special Topics (3)
  GDES 337 Environmental Design (3)
  IR 412 Sustainable Development (3)
  SBSA 255 Health, Medicine and Curing (3) [S]
  SBSA 344 Tourism and Cultural Change (3) [S]


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