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Program Overview

The Social and Behavioral Sciences - Concentration in Anthropology major is the study of human beings and societies across time and around the globe. This includes how human societies and cultures comprise, and are shaped by, natural and human-made environments, systems of social groupings and status relationships, material exchanges, and capacities for symbolic expression and communication; as well as issues such as class formation, gender relationships, ethnicity and ethnic revitalization, violence, visual culture and mass media, and migration.

Graduates of the SBSA program find employment in government agencies, non-governmental organizations, international aid and development agencies, and in the private sector in management positions, community service, social service, and in media and research organizations. With knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods, graduates can also be employed by research and consulting agencies, polling organizations, and print and electronic media institutions. Students can also pursue graduate studies in anthropology, cultural studies, social work, media studies, and related fields.


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