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Degree Requirements

University Degree Requirements (124 credit hours)

To receive a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Behavioral Sciences - Concentration in Anthropology, students must complete at least 124 credit hours. Students should be mindful of the College requirement that a minimum of 36 hours of upper-level (300-level and above) courses must be completed at AUK. Eighteen (18) of these upper-level hours must be taken in the SBSA major..

General Education Requirements 49
Major Requirements composed of: 45
  Core Courses (9)
  Concentration Courses (36)
Social and Behavioral Science Electives 12
Free Electives 18

Major Requirements (45 Credit Hours)
The major in Social and Behavioral Sciences has a core of 3 required courses (9 credit hours):

SBSA 101 Introduction to Social and Behavioral Sciences, Concentration in Anthropology (3) [S]
SBSA 200 Introduction to Social and Behavioral Sciences, Concentration in Anthropology (3) [S]
SBSA 485 Capstone: Seminar in Social and Behavioral Sciences, concentration in Anthropology (3)

Concentration Courses (36 credit hours)
Students must complete, in consultation with their academic advisors, a total of 36 credit hours from the courses listed below. Twelve of these total credit hours must be upper-division (300-level or above).

SBSA 205 Fundamentals of Arab Society (3) [K,S]
SBSA 210 Arab Society and Culture (3) [K,S]
SBSA 214 Lost Worlds (3) [S]
SBSA 218 Museums as Artifacts (3) [S]
SBSA 220 Culture and Visual Arts (3) [S]
SBSA 222 Global Media and Spaces of Identity (3) [S]
SBSA 224 Shopping and Consumerism (3) [S]
SBSA 226 The Material Culture of Clothing (3) [S]
SBSA 235 Identity, Difference and Deviance (3) [S]
SBSA 239 Nation and Migration (3) [S]
SBSA 249 Images of Women in the Media (3) [S]
SBSA 255 Health, Medicine and Curing (3) [S]
SBSA 260 Ethnographic Film (3) [S]
SBSA 265 South Asian Film: A Global Perspective (3) [S]
SBSA 270 The Indigenous Americas (3) [S]
SBSA 280 Kinship and Family in the Global Era (3) [S]
SBSA 341 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective (3) [S]
SBSA 342 Gender Relations in the Arab World (3) [S]
SBSA 344 Tourism and Culture Change (3) [S]
SBSA 345 Globalization: Opportunities and Challenges (3) [S]
SBSA 348 Anthropology of Human Rights (3) [S]
SBSA 360 Genocide and Refugees (3) [S]
SBSA 366 Popular Culture in South Asia: Film and Beyond (3) [S]
SBSA 370 Music of the Arabian Peninsula (3) [K,S]
SBSA 372 Anthropology of Business (3) [S]
SBSA 389 Special Topics (3)

Social and Behavioral Sciences Electives (12 credit hours)
Students must choose 4 courses (12 credit hours) of which one (3 credit hours) must be upper-division (300-level or above), in consultation with their academic advisor, from the following disciplines (fields of study): AMST, HIST, PLSC, IR, PSYC, SBSA.

Free Electives (18 credit hours)
Majors are expected to take 18 credit hours of their choice from among courses in Arts and Sciences.


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