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Degree Requirements

University Degree Requirements (124 credit hours)

To receive a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Behavioral Sciences – Concentration in Anthropology, students must complete at least 124 credit hours. Students are required to complete a minimum of 12 courses (36 credit hours) of upper-level courses (300-level and above) as part of their 124 credit hour degree requirement at AUK, of which at least 18 credits hours need to be taken in the SBSA major. A cumulative major GPA of at least 2.00 in the major courses is required to earn an undergraduate degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences – Concentration in Anthropology.

General Education Requirements 49
Major Requirements composed of: 45
  Core Courses (9)
  Concentration Courses (36)
Social and Behavioral Science Electives 12
Free Electives 18

Major Requirements (45 Credit Hours)

Core Courses (9 credit hours)
The major in Social and Behavioral Sciences has a core of 3 required courses (9 credit hours):

SBSA 101 Introduction to Social and Behavioral Sciences, Concentration in Anthropology (3)[S]
SBSA 200 Ethnographic and Research Methods (3)[S]
SBSA 485 Capstone: Seminar in Social and Behavioral Sciences, concentration in Anthropology (3)

Concentration Courses (36 credit hours)
Students must complete, in consultation with their academic advisors, a total of 36 credit hours from the courses listed below. Twelve of these total credit hours must be upper-level (300-level or above).

SBSA 205 Fundamentals of Arab Society (3) [K,S]
SBSA 210 Arab Society and Culture (3) [K,S]
SBSA 214 Lost Worlds (3) [S]
SBSA 218 Museums as Artifacts (3) [S]
SBSA 220 Culture and Visual Arts (3) [S]
SBSA 222 Global Media and Spaces of Identity (3) [S]
SBSA 224 Shopping and Consumerism (3) [S]
SBSA 226 The Material Culture of Clothing (3) [S]
SBSA 235 Identity, Difference and Deviance (3) [S]
SBSA 239 Nation and Migration (3) [S]
SBSA 249 Images of Women in the Media (3) [S]
SBSA 255 Health, Medicine and Curing   (3) [S]
SBSA 260 Ethnographic Film (3) [S]
SBSA 265 South Asian Film: A Global Perspective (3) [S]
SBSA 270 The Indigenous Americas (3) [S]
SBSA 280 Kinship and Family in the Global Era (3) [S]
SBSA 341 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective (3) [S]
SBSA 342 Gender Relations in the Arab World (3) [S]
SBSA 344 Tourism and Culture Change (3) [S]
SBSA 345 Globalization: Opportunities and Challenges (3) [S]
SBSA 348 Anthropology of Human Rights (3) [S]
SBSA 360 Genocide and Refugees (3) [S]
SBSA 366 Popular Culture in South Asia: Film and Beyond (3) [S]
SBSA 370 Music of the Arabian Peninsula (3) [K,S]
SBSA 372 Anthropology of Business (3) [S]
SBSA 389 Special Topics* (3)

* Can be repeated for credit under different topics.

Social and Behavioral Sciences Electives (12 credit hours)
Majors must choose four courses (12 credit hours) of which one (3 credit hours) must be upper-level (300-level or above), in consultation with their academic advisor, from the following disciplines (fields of study): AMST, HIST, PLSC, IR, PSYC, SBSA.

Free Electives (18 credit hours)
Majors are expected to take 18 credit hours of their choice from among courses in Arts and Sciences.


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