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Student Statistics

Department: Social and Behavioural Sciences
Term: Spring 2015
Date of Report: 6/25/2015

Please note that the data in this report is accurate as of the above reporting date (unless otherwise noted), which is typically run one week after grades are posted for students following the Fall & Spring semesters.

Majors/Minors Social & Behavioral Sciences
Not Declared
Intended^ (Non-Govt. Scholarship) 11
Govt. Scholarship 3
Non-Govt. Scholarship 12
Govt. Scholarship 16
Minors (if applicable) 4
Awarded* 5
Potential Summer Graduates (SP Only)** 2
Confirmed Summer Graduates (FA Only)*** -

Please Note that the above includes those students who have declared more than one major or minor. Each declaration is counted within the relevant discipline. Additionally, Graduates Awarded are counted in the majors listing above.
^Intended refers to students who reported upon admission an intended major, which does not guarantee major declaration.
*Awarded refers only to students who met all graduation requirements and were awarded a degree for the term indicated in this report.
**Are included in majors information above, as the degree has not been awarded.
***These graduates are counted in the previous Academic year. This is included here for information purposes only.

Student Enrollment in Courses Initial* End of term
Sections Enrollment Sections Enrollment
PSYC101 5 165 5 160
PSYC203 2 61 2 61
PSYC388 1 1 1 1
SBSA101 3 81 3 80
SBSA205 1 1 1 1
SBSA210 1 34 1 34
SBSA235 1 31 1 30
SBSA249 1 19 1 19
SBSA370 2 19 2 19
SBSA388 1 3 1 3
SBSA485 1 10 1 9
Grand Total 19 425 19 417
Cross-Listed Sections
MUSC370 2 47 2 47
SBSA370 19 19

* Data as of census date

Administrative Grade/Override Processes Count
Change of Grades**
Instructor Correction 1
Grand Total 1


**Please note that the above items provide the data available at the time the report was ran.  It is expected that additional data for this category may be added until the Grade Appeal timeframe has passed.

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