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Department Chair: Dr. Athmar Al-Salem

Economics is the science of making choices in allocating scarce resources for consumption, production, and distribution of goods and services. It endeavors to rationally understand behaviors of decision makers and how these behaviors can be changed. Decision makers are called upon to make these choices within various institutional settings such as households, firms, financial institutions, and governments. Economics emphasizes the numerical use of problem-solving skills and applies quantitative methods of analysis to investigate choices-constrained maximization to satisfy human needs. It provides the skills to assess market fluctuations by identifying correlative factors and determine their impacts on various economic sectors.

Careers in Economics span a broad range of sectors such as financial, environmental, political, education, and research. Graduates in Economics are sought by financial institutions, insurance companies, international businesses, and non-business organizations and governments. Many graduates elect to pursue graduate education in order to improve their knowledge and skill to perform complex economic analyses and provide information necessary to formulate business strategies and develop public policies. The BBA in Economics complements other business concentrations and related social sciences to provide a strong undergraduate foundation for graduate studies in Economics and other related disciplines.


The Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics creates intellectual capital for knowledge based sustainable economy. Through rigorous teaching, innovation and research, the program engages faculty, students, and the business community to provide solid economic foundation, in theory and practice, for sound business decisions. The program prepares students for professional careers in a vastly changing and challenging global economy.


The Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics is to be recognized for its research-informed teaching and learning and active engagement with the business community.


The Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics is guided by the following values:

  • Dedication to liberal arts education
  • Lifelong pursuit of learning
  • Innovation and continued excellence in teaching
  • Social responsibility, moral and ethical Integrity
  • Respect for freedom of thought and expression
  • Interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary collaboration



Upon completion of the BBA in Economics, the student will be able to:

  • Appreciate the economic way of thinking, acquire critical thinking skills, and apply the analytical framework of economics to understand consumer behavior and business decisions.
  • Understand the interrelationships between individual markets, industries, government, and the overall performance of local, regional, and global market economies.
  • Utilize theoretical models to understand development and resource problems and formulate policy instruments to address them and reconcile economic activity, corporate social responsibility, and social welfare.
  • Identify problems and apply quantitative skills to individual and business decisions while taking into account strategic considerations and public policy issues such as growth, inflation, international trade, unemployment, pollution, and environmental degradation.
  • Use written and oral presentations to communicate interpretation of statistical measures to problems in economics.



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