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Department Chair: Rabindranath Bhattacharya

Finance is another functional area in business where graduates take on decision-making roles related to several areas of finance. Mathematical Finance, Financial Engineering, and Financial Economics have emerged as sub-fields of Finance for higher education in the field of Finance. Hence, it is highly respected as an applied field of mathematics and economics. Finance encompasses theoretical models of mathematics and economics, builds information from accounting data in decision-making process and uses quantitative techniques for assessing results and making decisions. Finance major students can pursue the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program, a very respected and recognized designation, to complement their degree and to make them highly attractive for a job anywhere in the world.

Different fields within Finance are: Corporate Finance, International Finance, Investments, Financial Risk Management, Banking, and Asset Management. Students can specialize in any of the fields within Finance to focus on a career path. Finance graduates can choose a career in the finance division of a bank, investment company, multinational corporation, government entity, not-for-profit organization, and international institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF, to support major tactical and strategic financial decisions. Graduates in Finance can also become successful entrepreneurs (private equity, investment company, financial planning, and so on). Career titles in Finance run the spectrum from entry-level positions to the top, from Loan Officer, Project Manager, Project Planner, Budgeting Officer, Investment Specialist, Investment Advisor, Bank Manager, Hedge Fund Manager, Vice President, to Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


The Department's BBA in Finance degree resembles the program structure of an American education system and standards. Its Finance program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for professional success. AUK enriches society by fostering an environment encouraging critical thinking, effective communication, personal growth, service, and leadership.

The Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Finance is to be recognized locally, regionally, and internationally by the scholarly and professional accomplishments of its graduates.


The following values are to be upheld:

  • Freedom of thought, speech, and intellectual curiosity
  • Respect for individual identity and rights
  • Support equality for ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity.
  • Commitment to high standards of morality, integrity, and social responsibility.
  • Adherence to high professional standards and ethics.



Upon completion of the major in Finance, the student will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the Time Value of Money.
  • Evaluate financial securities such as stock and bond prices.
  • Evaluate projects and make investment decisions.
  • Understand the key guiding principles of Islamic Finance.
  • Distinguish between systematic risk and asset specific risk.
  • Understand and compose investment portfolio.
  • Estimate and evaluate corporate and project cost of capital.
  • Analyze the financial feasibility of a project's cash flows.
  • Evaluate and comprehend the characteristics of financial markets in Kuwait and the Gulf with respect to the world financial market.
  • Understand and evaluate regional and multinational capital investment decision process.
  • Understand and analyze financial risk and its management process.
  • Understand and value a corporation and financial assets.
  • Sit for CFA Level I and II examination with adequate preparation.




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