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The University offers four bachelor's degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Engineering. The term "Major" refers to the specialty (major field of study) in the Degree Program. Within all Bachelor's Degree Programs, students may choose no more than two majors (see Double Major). All Degree Programs include Major requirements as well as General Education requirements (see Graduation). No General Education Requirements may apply toward the first Major in any Degree Program. Students are also to complete at least 36 credit hours of upper-level (300 and 400 level) courses in residence at AUK, of which at least 18 credit hours need to be taken in the major. Individual majors or Degree Programs may require additional upper-level courses. Students may indicate their intended field of study at the time of application, but admission to AUK does not guarantee acceptance into any specific program as a certified Major or degree candidate.

Declaration of Major in the Degree Program

Upon admission to the American University of Kuwait, undergraduate students are admitted with an undeclared major, and are assigned to the Academic Advising Center (AAC) for academic advising. A student's first two years are usually spent satisfying General Education Requirements.

Students must formally choose and declare a Major no later than the completion of 60 credit hours, by completing the "Degree Program, Major, and/or Minor Declaration Request Form" for either the College of Arts and Sciences or for the College of Business, and submitting the form to the Academic Advising Center. After the declaration is processed by the appropriate College, the student is assigned a faculty advisor based on the student's declared major.

For information and forms for declaring a degree program and major within the degree (if appropriate), students are advised to visit the webpage of the Office of the Registrar:

All scholarship students must declare their major at AUK in accordance with their scholarship assigned major; for further information, please contact the university's Scholarship Coordinators at scholarship@auk.edu.kw.

Change in Degree Program, Major And/Or Minor

Changing from one degree program or major to another in any of the colleges requires a completion of at least one full semester of work in the current degree program or major. The "Degree Program, Major, and/or Minor Update Request" form must be completed and submitted to the Academic Advising Center and to the department chair of the prospective program. If approved, the department chair submits the form to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

All scholarship students MUST declare their majors at AUK in accordance with their scholarship assigned major. For further information about scholarships and majors, please contact the university's Scholarship Coordinators at scholarship@auk.edu.kw

Completion of the Major in the Degree Program

Each course in the Major requires a final grade of "C" or better. Persistent failure to maintain the required GPA may result in the student being required to change to another major. Courses required for the major that receive grades lower than "C" must be repeated, or an equivalent course taken to satisfy the specific major or degree program requirement.

Double Major

Students may complete two majors by satisfactorily completing all the major and major-related coursework required by the two majors. Students with double majors are not allowed to pursue a minor.

A double major must be pursued within the same degree program: i.e. two majors in the Bachelor of Business Administration program, two majors in the Bachelor of Arts program, or two majors in the Bachelor of Science program. No more than three courses (a total of 9 credit hours) earned for general education requirements and applied for the first major requirements may be applied to the second major. Each program will determine number of credits earned in the first major that can be applied to the second major. See individual program sections for specific requirements.

Scholarship students may not seek a double major unless within their scholarship major's limited credit hours [the total of 124 (144 for CPEG/ELEG majors) required credit hours]; the student is financially liable for any additional credit hours beyond that.

Students with a Bachelor's Degree

Students already possessing a bachelor's degree may pursue a second bachelor's degree in any of the following four degree programs at AUK: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Engineering, or Bachelor of Science. Requirements for completing a second bachelor's degree are as follows:

AUK Graduates

AUK students may take a second BA, BE, or BS degree. Students with a bachelor's degree from AUK are assumed to have met all general education requirements and free electives through their first AUK bachelor's degree. They are not subject to any further requirements of general education and electives. They must complete major requirements for the second bachelor's degree specified by individual program sections in this catalog.

Students with a BBA degree from AUK may not take a second BBA degree. The BBA program requirements include Core and Major courses, in addition to an Internship, Common Capstone, and Free Electives.

Non-AUK Graduates

Students who earned their first bachelor's degree from another institution must meet all AUK general education requirements. AUK will evaluate coursework from their first bachelor's degree for possible transfer of courses. No more than 60 credits may be transferred. Any general education requirements not satisfied by transfer credits must be taken in residence at AUK. Students with a Business degree from another institution may not take AUK's BBA degree. However, they may take a BA, BE, or BS degree.

Students must satisfactorily complete at least 60 credits in residence at AUK and complete major requirements for the second bachelor's degree specified by individual program sections in this catalog. These students are subject to the further conditions below:

  1. Applicants must have earned their first bachelor's degree from an institution approved by the Kuwait Ministry of Higher Education.
  2. Applicants who earned their first bachelor's degree from an institution whose language of instruction is not English must meet English proficiency requirements for admissions purposes.



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