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This chart provides a brief overview of the general requirements for attaining an AUK degree. Please refer to individual Degree Programs for their specific requirements.




Credit hours 124 credit hours Individual majors or degree programs may require more (e.g., ELEG/CPEG = 144 credit hours)
General Education Requirements 49 credit hours

See General Education

Upper division credit hours 36 credit hours of which at least 18 credit hours are in the major; individual majors or Degree Programs may require more Numbered 300 or above
Grades “C” or better in courses in the Major or Degree Program Courses in the Major or the Degree Program with grades below “C” must be repeated
GPA 2.00 cumulative GPA Earned AUK GPA
Residence requirement 60 credit hours, the last 30 of which must be at AUK Senior year must be spent at AUK or in AUK-approved exchange programs. Exchange program courses will count in the AUK residency requirement.
Maximum number of credits that can be transferred 60 credit hours Only grades of “C” or better transfer; all previous colleges attended must be declared at the time of application. Not all transferred courses may apply to the chosen Major/Degree Program.
Application for graduation Must be made by deadline
(see Registrar)
Reminder sent to students with ≥ 90 credit hours
Eligibility for participation in ceremony Completion of all requirements. May be eligible to walk if a maximum of 13 credit hours remains. Remaining credit hours MUST be completed in summer semester immediately following the ceremony.
Graduation Fee A graduation fee applies The fee must be paid in full in order to graduate regardless of whether the student is participating in ceremony.

Application For Graduation

The American University of Kuwait confers degrees at the end of each academic term (fall, spring, and summer). Candidates for graduation must submit a completed application for graduation via the Self-Service Graduation Application. Reminders will be sent to the AUK e-mail addresses of students who have a minimum of 90 earned credit hours towards their degree. After the application has been filed, the Graduation Coordinator will conduct a "Degree Audit" and inform the student and his/her advisor of the remaining requirements.

The report of the "Degree Audit" will list the remaining degree requirements, as well as those completed and in progress. The audit assumes successful completion of courses in progress. Students who will not complete all degree requirements by the end of the semester for which they applied to graduate may participate in the graduation ceremony if they have thirteen or fewer credit hours remaining. The actual awarding of the degree will not take place until the semester all requirements are completed, within two weeks of the last day of the semester final exams. Material received after that date will cause the degree to be awarded in the subsequent semester.

There will be no change of grade(s) accepted once the degree has been awarded. The Registrar, on behalf of the university, will certify all candidates whose academic records indicate that they can satisfy degree requirements by the end of the semester for which they have applied. All applicants must satisfy all graduation requirements as specified by the Private Universities Council.

While academic advisors and the Office of the Registrar continue to assist students with requirements for graduation, students are ultimately responsible for ensuring that they have met all degree requirements for graduation, including curriculum and cumulative GPA requirements.

Conferral of Degrees and the Graduation Ceremony

The American University of Kuwait confers degrees at the end of each academic term (fall, spring, and summer). The diploma will note the student's degree. If the student has earned two different degrees, s/he will receive one diploma for each degree.

AUK degrees are as follows:

College of Arts and Sciences
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media
  • Bachelor of Arts in English
  • Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Systems
College of Business and Economics
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
The transcript or permanent record of the graduate is appropriately noted with the student's degree, the date the degree was awarded, the major or majors (if appropriate), and the minor (if appropriate). Students are advised that their names on the American University of Kuwait degree diploma will be spelled exactly as they appear on their passport.

The Graduation Ceremony

The commencement exercises are typically held in June. Students who complete graduation requirements in the fall or spring semester of the academic year, or the summer semester immediately following the June commencement may participate in the commencement exercises. Fall, spring, and summer graduates (of that academic year) who wish to participate in June commencement should notify the Office of the Registrar of their intention by completing the appropriate form and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar no later than the date specified on the Registrar's website. Students eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony will be notified about cap/gown and rehearsal information via e-mails and newsletters. Students should also consult the Office of the Registrar website for information.

Additional Diplomas

Additional diplomas may be ordered through the Office of the Registrar. Students who request an additional copy of their diploma will be charged a fee per diploma.


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