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 Summer 2017 Interns 

 Adrienne Bocci - Portland State University

In what ways has your experience at AUK and in Kuwait better prepared you to collaborate with others in intercultural settings, and to grow professionally?


"I have cherished my time at AUK and in Kuwait. This internship provided an amazing opportunity to combine my interests in student affairs in higher education, international programs, and experiential learning, all as I continued to develop relevant professional skills. It was fascinating to identify connections between the student development theories I have been studying for the past two years and the policies, procedures, and programming at AUK. On a personal level, I value the way that my experiences in Kuwait challenged me to confront some of the misconceptions I had previously held about the Middle East. They also reaffirmed for me that the ability to communicate and collaborate across cultural lines is more essential than ever in our increasingly globalized world. I am so grateful for the hospitality and kindness of the AUK staff members, administrators, and students I worked with during my time here. I'm certain that the memories I have made at AUK will remain with me for the rest of my life."

 Aryka Rice - Eastern Michigan University

What do you consider to be the greatest challenges of your internship experience and how did you overcome those?


"Interning at AUK has been a great experience and a wonderful opportunity for me to step outside of my comfort zone for my professional and personal gain. I have been delighted to work with fellow AUK faculty and staff to make the student experience rich and fulfilling. Interacting with AUK students has definitely been the highlight of this experience! I have been able to learn more about my interests and add additional tools and skills to my student affairs toolkit in order to help students and truly be seen as a resource on campus. My placements at AUK helped to expand my knowledge and understanding of student development and engagement and taught me how to think creatively in solving complex problems. Overall, this experience has been wonderful and I would definitely recommend it to prospective student affairs professionals!"

 Summer 2016 Interns 

 Nicholas Martin - Virginia Tech University

After your dual placement in the Division, what are your perceptions of the fields compared to what they were when you entered? How will this impact your future goals?


"The internship at AUK has put me in a place where I am not the majority and has allowed me to work through that difference with meaningful dialogue. This internship has allowed me to stray far outside of my comfort zone with all that it offers and I've enjoyed it immensely. The people have all been wonderful and accommodating, the work has been engaging and diverse, and the country of Kuwait has been incredible to explore. I'm thrilled I was chosen for this internship and I look forward to taking my newfound knowledge back to the states!"

 Jeffry Neuhouser - Ball State University

What specific skills are you taking away from your internship at AUK that will help you in your future professional endeavors?


"I think that because the internship is only eight weeks and because we have multiple placements on campus, the biggest skill I continued to learn is how to adapt quickly to new environments. Within this there are some components: finding out quickly the core of what is needed in a project, asking the right questions that need to be answered so the work can be completed correctly, and seeking constructive feedback along the way. Student affairs specific skills that I am learning include how to write a program mission statement, developing learning outcomes, how to work through a SWOT analysis, and how to formulate a strategic plan."

 Summer 2015 Interns 

 Tabetha Maly - Kent State University

How did the experience at AUK complement your studies and your career?


"My time in Kuwait and at AUK was a phenomenal experience, both personally and professionally. Participating in intercultural experiences like Ramadan and living in Kuwait for an extended period has deepened my understanding of Middle Eastern culture, both in the Gulf and elsewhere in the region. The perspectives here have been eye-opening in a positive way, and have deepened my awareness of how important family, culture, and hospitality are to the individuals who live in Kuwait. Professionally, I'm better able to comprehend how a culture and higher education system are intertwined and affect each other. Overall, I'm excited that I had the opportunity to participate in this internship, and look forward to share my experience with others."

 Benoit Sabourin - North Carolina State University

In what ways did this internship give you a different perspective of students and the role of student affairs in Kuwait and the Middle East?


"I have had such an amazing experience at AUK this summer. I not only learned about the culture and the people, but have also gained invaluable skills to aid me in my future career as a Student Affairs professional. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything, and I cannot wait to be back in the region for another visit."

 Summer 2014 Interns 

 Jane Devenport - University of Southern California

What did you find most striking about Middle Eastern culture through your internship experience?


"AUK's Summer Internship program was amazing! The opportunity to work as an intern internationally expanded my understanding of Student Affairs practices abroad and allowed me to develop research on student mental-health issues in the region. Working abroad was an experience that will stay with me past the pursuit of my Masters degree and into my career and other life opportunities. I appreciate all the hospitality I was shown while at AUK and look forward to continued contact with members of the Student Affairs team."

 Jessica Joseph - Stony Brook University

Coming from a student affairs graduate program in the United States, what were you most prepared for, and what surprised you most about the internship experience?


"My experience at the American University of Kuwait allowed me to have an international experience in higher education, strengthened my skills in my specific fields of interest, and gave me an enriching cultural experience. My placements in Student Life and the Office of Career Services and Wellness taught me how aspects of career counseling, mental health, and student development are international. I also got to experience Ramadan in Kuwait and traveled to other parts of the Middle East during this time, so I learned a lot about the region. Overall this experience gave me a global perspective of higher education and also fostered my personal and professional growth."

 Summer 2013 Interns 

  Zongguang (Will) Li - Indiana University

What do you consider to be the greatest challenges of your internship experience and how did you overcome those?


"The AUK internship experience not only sharpened my professional competencies as a student affairs practitioner, but also broadened my understanding about diversity and international education. What I learned from my day-to-day interactions with AUK students and colleagues is to always have an open mind. Remember, things that we were so used to back in the States might not be the same here as the culture and customs are vastly different. So getting a lot of different perspectives from the people definitely helped my transition in Kuwait."

 Leo Melena - San Diego State University

After your dual placement in the Division, what are your perceptions of the fields compared to what they were when you entered? How will this impact your future goals?


"The Internship at AUK has been a tremendous opportunity for me to learn more about the American-model of higher education in a foreign (specifically Kuwaiti) context. I have learned more about the specific operations and business practices of the Registrar and Academic Advising than I thought I would (or could) in this short time. This experience has been educational and fun at the same time. I have really enjoyed making friends with the staff of my offices and learning from them. They have all been very open and forthright regarding the students they serve and the role that they play in serving those students."

 Summer 2012 Interns 

 Zaynab Baalbaki               - Marquette University 

What specific skills are you taking away from your internship at AUK that will help you in your future professional endeavors?

 Paige Morton                    - University of Michigan

How will the relationships you built at AUK impact your future career?


 Summer 2011 Interns 

 Lamees Galal               - Ball State University 

"Spending my summer in Kuwait at AUK was an experience of a lifetime. It was fascinating to see how the American system of Higher Education functions in the Middle East. Working in two different departments that I have not had previous experience in really broadened my view and knowledge of Student Affairs. Not only did I get an opportunity to explore and be immersed in the Kuwaiti culture, I also got a chance to visit neighboring countries."

 Genevieve Sullivan                    - Denver University

"When I heard about the internship at AUK, I thought it would be a perfect experience. This internship allows me to study abroad, learn about a culture other than my own, and learn how to work in several different areas at a University. I am thrilled to have been selected to participate in this unique opportunity."


 Summer 2010 Interns 

  Allison Fox               - Michigan State University 

In what ways did your experience with this internship impact your preparedness for your future professional employment?


"My experience at AUK was invaluable from a learning and cultural standpoint, and incredible from a personal perspective. The dual office placement gave me an in-depth look at student affairs operations in different settings; in both roles I tackled challenging, compelling projects that were useful to the Division. I learned about the great distinctions and small nuances that make Arab culture unique, and was encouraged to ask questions and challenge assumptions. My experience in AUK's Division of Student Affairs was rewarding and interesting beyond my expectations."

 Katie Mitchell                    - The University of Northern Colorado

In what ways did this internship give you a different perspective of students and the role of student affairs in Kuwait and Middle East?


"This internship experience was incredible. I was fortunate to learn first-hand about the Arab culture through witnessing student development at a small, private, liberal arts, American university. The cultural experience alone was worth the trip, as was the opportunity to work with a great staff and students and help AUK with some projects to enhance the policies and procedures of the Division of Student Affairs."


 Summer 2009 Interns 

  Kevin D'Arco               - Texas A&M University 

How did your experience at AUK complement your studies and your career?

 Ashley Edwards                    - Illinois State University

How did your experience at AUK prepare you for working in the multi-disciplinary Student Affairs profession?


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