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AUK Programs - Study Abroad

AUK is strategically developing a number of study abroad programs and international opportunities for our students.  The university currently has a limited, but growing, number of study abroad programs for AUK undergraduate students studying abroad for a semester or academic year.

Approved study abroad programs include programs in the United States; and several Undergraduate Exchange Partners; and additional Provider Programs administered by study abroad organizations or other universities are being explored. To learn more about available program types, host institutions, and options go to one of the below links. 

  • AUK Exchange Programs

What is exchange?
Would you like to travel to the US to immerse yourself in American culture, or got to Europe and experience the continent’s vast history but continue your course in English? Gain a competitive edge against your peers by studying for a semester or a year at one of AUK’s partner institutions through an Exchange Program. Exchange programs are those that AUK has an agreement with another institution that enables each to send qualified students for a semester or year.  Spaces are limited and require nomination by the home institution, followed by admission by the host institution.  Exchanges are an easier means to secure a Study Abroad experience.

Where can I go?
We have student exchange agreements with selected universities in the US and Europe and exploring more – meaning studying a semester or two in historic nations and cities like Paris or Washington D.C. is easier than you think.  View the list of partner universities.

How does it work?
Students who are eligible must apply for nomination to AUK, and if nominated will then apply for admission to the host institution.  Then, while on the exchange, you will:
    • stay enrolled at AUK
    • receive credit for your overseas study towards your AUK degree (as pre-approved)
    • pay your AUK fees.

What can I study?
We aim to partner with universities that provide you options and that have a variety of courses open to you at the undergraduate level. We are expanding and exploring greater options with partners to ensure we can provide exchange opportunities for most students.

Language Proficiency
You might be surprised how many opportunities allow you to continue your course in English. Some of our partners teach entirely in English, while others require you to have a certain proficiency in the native language. You may need to sit a language test if this is the case, for either English or the language of instruction.

Matching up Semesters
Semester dates may differ to those given AUK’s academic calendar and those in the US and other parts of the world – meaning that while the Spring semester at AUK begins in February, in places like the USA as most institutions it usually begins in January.

Additional Requirements
Some of our partners also have additional requirements like minimum average grades, and in some cases extra fees. Please read their information carefully. If you have questions view the partner universities website or contact the Coordinator of Study Abroad & Student Exchange.

How much will it cost?
Contrary to popular belief, studying abroad can be reasonable, especially with adequate planning.  Under the exchange arrangements AUK has with other universities, you will not have to pay additional tuition fees, only those applicable to AUK.   All you pay is your normal AUK home campus tuition and fees.
Find out more about financial planning & responsibilities.

How to apply?
Exchange applications are due in December/January for the following Fall term, and March for the following spring term.  Find out more about key dates, the nomination and selection process and more on the How to Apply page.


  • AUK Study Abroad Summer Programs Scholarship

The AUK Summer Programs Scholarship is designed to provide qualified AUK students the opportunity to engage in a short term international academic experience. The scholarship is awarded to AUK students by providing tuition and fees for two classes, round-trip economy airfare, room and board, and health insurance. AUK established the Study Abroad Summer Programs Scholarship in the spring of 2016 to enable a limited number of AUK students to take summer classes at selected universities.

Currently the scholarship is available to the following institutions (subject to change and review annually).
    • The George Washington University (USA)
Selection processes for the summer programs scholarship typically will begin in the fall semester around November. Please refer to the deadlines page for specific details and additional information on the AUK website regarding eligibility and how to apply at AUK. Please note that as with any study abroad experience, accepted students must meet all of the abroad institution's admission requirements.

Summer 2016 at GW.


  • Non-Exchange Programs

You can also prepare your own study plan with a non-partner university, as long as you meet AUK’s eligibility requirements, is approved by the Kuwait government (MOHE), and it's approved by your AUK faculty advisor and your College Dean. 

Doing this requires a lot more work and may have additional costs (as you pay the other institution's tuition and fees in place of your AUK fees). This may be a good option if you're interested in a particular location, institution, or program.  It is strongly recommended to explore all opportunities with our partners before choosing this option – it’s a much more cost effective and easier route.  Before you make the decision to pursue study abroad, please contact the Coordinator of Study Abroad & Student Exchange to discuss your options.

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