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AUK Catalog
The online AUK catalog includes the most recent changes to courses and degree requirements. The most recent version is shown first, followed by the older version.

Catalog 2012-2013

Catalog 2011-2012

Catalog 2010-2011

Catalog 2009-2010

Catalog 2008-2009

Catalog 2007-2008

Catalog 2005-2006

AUK Chronicle - Magazine
The 'AUK Chronicle' is a fully licensed magazine dedicated primarily to issues of Higher Education in Kuwait and the region. Published on a quarterly basis, it features editorials and opinions, research articles and subjects of concern to Higher Education. The aim is to give Higher Education a voice and forum whereby achievements, challenges, and debated issues can be published and discussed openly in an effort to further improve our knowledge and implementation of Higher Education. The AUK Chronicle is open to all faculty, staff, and other personnel working in the Academia sector, as well as major corporate stakeholders to take part by sharing their research and articles and ensuring that Higher Education attains the appropriate attention as a tool of social change.

AUK Chronicle November 2012  

AUK Chronicle April 2012  

AUK Chronicle December 2011  


AUK Chronicle - Newsletter
The ‘AUKChronicle’ is a newsletter issued electronically every two months for faculty and staff at AUK. It provides the latest news bulletin from the President, Dartmouth, and general Faculty and Staff at the University. If you have any questions regarding the AUKChronicle, contact the office of Public Affairs.

AUK Chronicle April 2010  

AUK Chronicle February 2010

AUK Chronicle December 2009

AUK Chronicle October 2009

AUK Chronicle July 2009

AUK Chronicle May 2009

AUK Chronicle March 2009

Past Issues
AUK Occasional Papers

The AUK Occasional Papers publish articles and contributions concerning the liberal arts education and business in the Gulf or Middle Eastern contexts. Articles on the value of humanistic education in the application to business in the Arabian Gulf region will be considered as well as contributions on communities or regions of the world that have strong ties with the Arabian Gulf. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, AUK Occasional Papers does not accept technical or highly specialized material, nor does it publish in the areas of administration or training.

2010 Occasional Papers

2009 Occasional Papers

2008 Occasional Papers

2007 Occasional Papers
AUKuwait Review

The American University of Kuwait's Art and Literary Journal, The AUKuwait Review, is published annually and features fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, graphic art, photography, drawings, and illustrations. The AUKuwait Review is dedicated to showcasing the talents of emerging and established writers and artists.

2012 AUKuwait Review

2011 AUKuwait Review

2010 AUKuwait Review

2009 AUKuwait Review

2008 AUKuwait Review

2007 AUKuwait Review

Voice of AUK
The ‘Voice of AUK’ is a student-run, monthly newspaper that covers the latest news stories and features at AUK and in the larger Kuwaiti community. The organization is fully managed and operated by the Editorial Board members of the Voice of AUK. It can be accessed as a PDF file online at www.auk.edu.kw/voice and/or picked up at the designated magazines stalls around campus. If you have any questions regarding the student newspaper, contact the Voice of AUK team at voice@auk.edu.kw

Voice of AUK v8, Issue 3, November 2011

Voice of AUK v8, Issue 2, October 2011

Voice of AUK v8, Issue 1, September 2011

Voice of AUK Summer Issue 2011

Voice of AUK v7, Issue 5, May 2011

Voice of AUK v7, Issue 5, April 2011

Voice of AUK v7, Issue 5, February-March 2011

Voice of AUK v7, Issue 4, January 2011

Past Issues

Student Planner & Handbook
The Student Planner and Handbook is designed to help AUK students stay organized by providing space for a planner, student resources to help students understand the resources available to them, as well as the Student Codes of Conduct which outlines the students’ rights as well as responsibilities. The Handbook also provides extras such as helpful numbers, guides, and games as well as soccer fixtures for the Champions league and English Premier League.

Student Planner & Handbook 2012-2013

Student Planner & Handbook 2011-2012

Student Planner & Handbook 2010-2011

Student Planner & Handbook 2009-2010

Brochure - Intensive English Program
The Intensive English Program at AUK serves people who lack the sufficient language skills to be successful in University studies. The IEP Brochure helps students understand what the program is composed of, the different levels offered, the method of teaching as well as program description and structure. It gives brief but concise descriptions of each level and what it will offer as well as learning outcomes of the program.
IEP Brochure - 2013-2014

Brochure - Admissions
The Admissions Brochure serves as an introduction to prospective students about the University. It provides a brief overall look at AUK as an institution, lists academic divisions and degrees offered; as well as a step by step guide to the admissions process including requirements, deadlines and tuition. The brochure also lists resources available for AUK students from career services and Student Success Center to scholarships and student employment.

2013-2014 Admissions Brochure - English

Brochure - Finance
The Finance Brochure is an annual publication from the Finance Department. The Finance Brochure includes all the necessary financial information, which includes Tuition & Fees breakdown, enrollment deposit, payment options, information on AUK Scholarships, information of the De-registration process of courses for non-payment of tuition, refunds, and payment holds. This publication is in both English and Arabic.

Finance Brochure 2012-2013

Adobe Reader is required to view the above electronic publications, download it here.
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