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Alumni Account

Your AUK alumni account is the same as your AUK student account, but with “alumni” added to the domain in the email address. For example, if your student email address is s0001111@auk.edu.kw then your alumni email address will be converted to s0001111@alumni.auk.edu.kw.

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Block Messages from a specific Sender

Add a name to the Blocked Senders List
Open Outlook Web Access (OWA):
1. Right Click the email you want to block.
2. Select Add Junk.
3. Select Block Sender option.

Open "Outlook": - Click Home, Click Junk, and select Junk E-Mail Options.

Click the Blocked Senders tab.


Enter the e-mail address or domain and click OK.

Quick Steps: Right Click the email you want to block. Then select the Junk Option from the drop-down menu and select Block Sender option.

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Add a New Contact in Outlook Web Access

1- Login to Outlook Web Access at https://mail.auk.edu.kw
2- Go to "Contacts", click New, and click Contact.
3- Fill in your new contact details


4- Click Save and Close

How to Configure AUK E-mail on your smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung...):

Students can configure their AUK email on their iPhone and Blackberry to send/receive emails.

How to set up your AUK email account on your iPhone:

1- Enable the internet connection on your IPhone with Edge,3G or wireless connection.
2- Tap on the "Settings" icon, then tap on the "Mail, Contacts, Calenders" option.
3- Tap the "Add Account" option, then press the "Microsoft Exchange" option.
4- In the "Email" field, type your AUK student email address in the space provided (s000-----@auk.edu.kw).
5- In the "Domain" field, please enter the word (AUK), then enter your student ID number in the "Username" field, and finally in the "Password" field, please enter your password (********).
6- In the "Description" field, you will need to enter your Exchange account description, by entering the word: (Exchange).
7- Tap the "Next" button to connect to the Exchange server: mail.auk.edu.kw
8- Tap the sliders next to the "Mail," "Contacts" and "Calendars" options once the iPhone is connected to the Exchange server. You can enable or disable each option as you like. Your iPhone will sync any option with a slider set to "ON" to the Exchange server.
9- Tap the "Save" button to save the changes made to the Exchange server's option.

How to set up your AUK email account on your Blackberry:

1- In a browser on your computer, on the BlackBerry Internet Service web site. in the left pane, click Email Accounts, or acces your Emaail Setup on your Blackberry phone. 2- Click Set Up Account.
3- Type your email address information Click Next.
4- If the BlackBerry Internet Service cannot add your email address, preforme on of the following actions:
a. Select the Re-enter email address and password option, type your email address and password again
b. Select the "I will provide the settings to add to his email account" option.
5- Click Next.
6- Select the "this is my work email account" option.
Click Next
7- Select the "I can access my email account using a web browser (Outlook Web Access)" option
Click Next.
8- Type advanced setup information for your email address.
Click Next
9- Type the complete email address of the email account that you want to add: Email Address: username@auk.edu.kw
10- Type the password that you use to log in to your email account on your organization's network. Passwords are usually case sensitive.
11- Type the web address that you use to access your work email account using a browser on your computer and Microsoft Outlook Web Access: Outlook Web Access URL https://mail.auk.edu.kw .
12- Type your user name: User name: auk\username .
13- Type the mailbox name for your Microsoft Outlook account. The mailbox name is the same as your login name, and it is usually case sensitive: Mailbox name: username

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How to change/reset your AUK account password

1- On Campus:

- Option 1: If you are on campus, in a class room, or in a computer lab
- Press Ctrl + Alt + Del - Go to "change a password" - (Please refer to the password criteria section)

- Option 2: Open Outlook Web Access - Go to Options - Change your password

2- Off Campus

- Option 1: Open Outlook Web Access - Go to Options - Change your password.
- Option 2: Enroll/use the Self-Service Password Reset Service
(this feature will help you to reset/change your password when expired or forgotten).

To Enroll into the Self-Service Password Reset Service (One time Enrollment):
- Access the URL "http://adselfservice.auk.edu.kw/pwdreset" Click to change the password
- or Access the URL http://myauk.auk.edu.kw then (Click on Having problem logging In)

- Log in using your AUK account credentials

- click on Enroll

- Select and provide answers to 3 or more questions from the proposed list.

- Finalize Enrollment Process

- Once enrolled successfully, you can later visit the same link to change your password or if you no longer remember it.

To Use the Self-Service Password Reset Feature:
- You can visit MYAUK portal and click "Having problems logging in? Click here."
- Access the URL http://adselfservice.auk.edu.kw/pwdreset.
- click the "Forget Password" link, provide your username, and answer the security questions that you had previously selected when enrolling into the service.

Your AUK Active Directory [AD] password will expire every 180 days. For the 12 days prior to this, you are prompted to change your AD password upon logging into a computer. AUK adheres to the High Level Security Policy which states that the minimum password complexity requirements should include a length of at least eight characters and be changed regularly.

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BMC HelpDesk is a customizable web-based application solution with an easy-to-use interface. This helpdesk application will allow the IT support unit to provide a better service to end users as well as track recurring incidents and generate performance reports in addition to helping apply IT service management best practices.


  • User friendly.
  • Provide better customer service.
  • Ensure consistency of services.
  • Browser-based, Windows authentication within AUK domain.
  • Centralized reference: by allowing users to view, create, update information, and track old tickets.
  • Self-help through the knowledge search engines: it helps clients to find solutions quickly and easily without calling the Helpdesk which saves time and increases satisfaction.
  • Receive IT posted messages through Whiteboard feature.

How to login to AUK BMC Self Service:

To log in to AUK BMC Self Service module, Go to:

-Use same Username and Password for (Windows login and Email)

-No username and password are required if you are logging in from inside AUK campus, since BMC self-service is Windows authenticated, only type http://aukhelpdesk in your browser.

How to fill a ticket:
Open the link: http://aukhelpdesk.auk.edu.kw.
Go to the Incidents Tab - Click New

Open Incident Form will appear.

In the Support Type field select "Information Technology"

In the Category field - Choose the best category that is related to the problem you are reporting

Bold fields are mandatory, and if not filled, your ticket will not be submitted. You can only add an attachment of maximum size 1.44MB.

When you finish filling the ticket, click Submit.

Make sure to click on Back after you "Submit" a ticket to return to the main Incidents menu. Otherwise, you might receive an alert message notifying you that the ticket is currently locked because the administrator is opening it simultaneously.

Click here to download the full AUK BMC Self-Service Manual


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