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Interview with Dartmouth Intern Arjun Bhatt at AUK

1) Please describe briefly your role at the different departments you worked with during your internship at AUK. And what accomplishments are you most proud of?

I worked in admissions, the library, and the College of Business and Economics. In admissions, I gave campus tours and helped with file archiving. I was really excited to hear students from other universities in the admissions department talking about transferring-it made me proud to know I was part of something bigger. In the library, I helped with website development, which was really cool as I was able to learn and immediately help implement. In the CBE, I got to help do actual research, which was amazing as it helped me familiarize myself with the region on a wider scale.

2) Your jobs involved interactions with students, professors, and staff members at AUK, how did you find this experience in terms of learning about the people and the culture?

I was able to learn a lot about the people living in Kuwait and their culture. It was a really immersive way for me to examine Kuwait, and I'm very grateful for it.

3) Was this your first visit to Kuwait? What is your impression of it, and how does it compare to other countries in the Middle East (if visited)?

This was my first visit to Kuwait, and I found that a lot impressed me. I did not travel elsewhere in the Middle east.

4) During your stay in Kuwait, you happened to witness the holy month of Ramadan, one of the most important events of the year for the Arab and Muslim world. How did you find these days in Kuwait?

I found that this time brought out the spirituality that was always within a lot of people. I witnessed a lot of charitable giving, the propagation of many traditions, and I found it to be a very enriching experience.

5) In a few days you will be concluding your internship at AUK and in Kuwait, what were the highlights of your visit?

I really liked how great the beach access was. I have a lot of fond memories of night time visits to the beach during Ramadan, and enjoying how active Kuwait was late at night. I also really enjoyed my interactions with the cats which were all very friendly.

6) What experience will you take back home after finishing the internship at AUK?

I will really remember how friendly all of my placements were. They were always looking to take me out to some new and exciting places, and I really appreciated how everyone was so welcoming to me.

7) What was one thing you would have done if your internship duration was longer?

I think I would have explored Bayan Palace. Between odd hours and variable weather I never got the chance to see it. However, this kind of thing is definitely the exception-I'm really fortunate in that I was able to accomplish the vast majority of what I came to Kuwait to do.

8) What are your plans after completing this internship? Any future plans?

This summer I'll be resuming my research in Rochester, Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic. I'm really excited for this as I've become rather fond of the lab where I'm working.

9) Any final comments you'd like to share with us?

I would like to extend my gratitude to the AUK students, Tadd Kruse, and my placement supervisors for giving me such a memorable experience. I'm wishing you the best for the future, and I look forward to AUK achieving new heights.

Arjun Bhatt, Dartmouth Intern at AUK

Released by the Office of Public Affairs on the 24th June 2018

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