Department of Communication and Media

 Department Chair Dr. Mohamed Satti

The American University of Kuwait Communication and Media program allows students to explore different communication theories that try to explain how, why, when, what, and where humans, of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, communicate differently and similarly. Overall, the Communication and Media program teaches students skills in critical thinking and analysis, writing, and public speaking.

To accomplish this, the AUK Communication and Media program employs a flexible approach that allows students to become a communication generalist. The student is exposed to various fields of Communication and Media, such as advertising, journalism, and public relations. Laboratory courses sharpen students' skills, while lecture courses enable students to view the profession from a variety of perspectives.

Classes are taught in state-of-the-art computer labs in a fully digital environment. The networked labs are equipped with the latest software and served by in-house servers and databases. Separate Mac and PC labs designed for video editing, graphics, photo-journalism and multimedia are each equipped with appropriate film and flatbed scanners, CD and DVD drives and burners, DV decks and printers.

Communication and Media graduates can embark upon rewarding and prosperous careers in fields such as government, advertising management, marketing communications, mediation, public affairs, public policy, media policy and regulation, speech writing, print or electronic reporting, editing, media planning, promotions, public relations, and media sales.

The Department of Communication and Media seeks to provide students with knowledge and skills
in the various fields of communication in order to become media literate community members. The
department aims to enrich the students’ educational experience and to develop their critical thinking

Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media