The Academic Support Services is an academic administrative unit responsible for providing advising, registration, and academic support to all students at AUK. Academic Support Services is designed to help students become independent and successful learners by fostering an appreciation of the importance of liberal arts education; developing an understanding of degree program requirements; developing academic planning and decision-making skills; providing accessible and efficient registration processes; enhancing effective course selection and advancement toward degree; ensuring clear, current, and accurate information on courses, schedules, programs, and university policies; improving study skills; increasing understanding of course content; developing critical thinking and literacy skills; enhancing self-confidence; and cultivating a positive attitude toward learning. All services are free of charge to AUK students. Academic Support Services includes: Academic Advising Center, Learning Support Services (Tutoring Center & Writing Center), and the Office of the Registrar. For more information, visit us in the Student Center, 3rd floor.

Disclosure of Student Records

Student academic records are considered confidential. Students wanting to access their own official records must present a valid AUK Student ID to the appropriate office. With the exceptions noted below, student records will only be released to specified parties when the student has completed and signed the “Disclosure of Academic Records Form” available in the Office of the Registrar.

Without the student’s written consent, parents, guardians, and other parties may only receive limited directory information, such as enrollment status, declared major, and class standing.

The university may disclose information, including academic records, without prior written consent of the student:

  • When the university is presented a subpoena.
  • For health and safety reasons at the discretion of the appropriate university official.
  • To university officials, academic advisors, and faculty on a need-to-know basis.


Ms. Hala Al-Abdulrazzaq, Director
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The Academic Advising Center is dedicated to the academic success of its students. AAC advisors empower students to take an active role in their own education by guiding them to a deeper understanding of the liberal arts curriculum. The AAC provides academic advising, educational planning, course selection, retention initiatives, and registration to all currently undeclared students. Academic advising is a shared responsibility and planning process in which an advisor serves as a mentor/teacher aiming to enhance the student's self-awareness, personal responsibility, and ability to define, develop, and reach academic and educational goals that are consistent with the student's personal interests. Students meet with the AAC advisors to discuss their educational plans and progress, and identify the academic requirements to achieve their career goals. The AAC provides consistently accurate information, in-depth and holistic advising support, and appropriate referrals to all other university resources.

Undeclared/Declared Students

All first year and new transfer undergraduate students are assigned to the Academic Advising Center (AAC) for advising. The AAC also advises declared major students on academic probation. Undergraduate students enrolled in Semester 2 of the Intensive English Program should seek advising assistance from the AAC to facilitate a smooth transition to the undergraduate program. Scholarship students are required to seek advising from AAC based on their scholarship defined major.

When a student completes 60 credits of undergraduate work, s/he is required to declare a major. However, students may declare a major prior to reaching 60 earned credits. When students declare a major, they are assigned a faculty advisor by the appropriate department chair. The assigned faculty advisor is responsible for working with the student on such issues as course selection and academic challenges. The major declaration form must be signed by the Academic Advising Center, the appropriate department chair, the faculty advisor, and sent to the Registrar’s Office to update the student’s record. Students are ultimately responsible for reviewing and understanding the requirements of the degree program in which they are declared.

Mandatory Advising and Registration
Academic advising is mandatory for all students at AUK prior to registration. All incoming, non-declared, and probation students receive academic advising through the Academic Advising Center. Students with declared majors must meet with a faculty advisor. The student’s educational plan is based on, but not limited to, placement results and/or intended major/area of interest. To facilitate the advising process, students are encouraged to become familiar with the AUK’s online advising program, Degree Works, and the University’s Academic Catalog and requirements for degree completion. Students are responsible for contacting their advisors before each registration period or when help is needed. The academic advisor assists the student in the identification and selection of courses that meet General Education and degree requirements, after which the student is provided with a RAC (Registration Access Control) number for online registration.
Student Advising Records

Student advising records with the Academic Advising Center are part of the college record. Advising information is released when necessary for purposes of registration and follow-ups. It is the AAC’s professional and ethical responsibility to respect and consider confidential all information including academic records and status, family information, health (mental and physical), and all other issues pertaining to the student (see Disclosure of Student Records).

The Director of the AAC supervises all activities of the center and follows up on undeclared and probation student cases with faculty advisors, department chairs, and deans of colleges. The Director reports to the Dean of Academic Support Services. For additional information, visit the Academic Advising Center located in the Student Center, 3rd floor.


Mr. Mohammed Da’na, Associate Registrar
1802040 x3164 / 3165

The Office of the Registrar strives to facilitate the educational process by providing administrative services that support academic units, faculty, and students under the mission of AUK. The University Registrar advises administrators and faculty on development and implementation of policies and procedures to encourage informed academic decisions that support the goals of the University. The Office staff assist student registration, maintain student records, manage and update curriculum and catalog, develop the academic calendar, maintain and update AUK’s course inventory, create course schedules, manage grade reporting, verify enrollment, process transfer credits, audit degree progress, process transcripts, certify graduation, and implement policies and procedures.

The University Registrar collaborates with faculty, department chairs, deans of colleges, and other academic and administrative units to continuously develop services, technology, and security standards. The Registrar’s Office strives to build a reliable and efficient communication structure to collect and deliver academic information to the AUK campus.

After receiving advising from their academic advisor each semester, students register online through AUK’s Self-Service.
Degree Audits

One of the most important responsibilities of the Registrar’s Office is the “Degree Audit” of students’ academic progress. The Registrar’s Office staff conducts “degree audits” of all students who have earned 90+ credit hours to ensure that students are on track to complete all degree requirements and avoid unnecessary coursework. The report of the “Degree Audit,” emailed to students and to academic advisors lists the remaining degree requirements, as well as those completed and in progress. The audit assumes successful completion of courses in progress. Students who will not complete all degree requirements by the end of the semester for which they applied to graduate may participate in the commencement if they have thirteen or fewer credit hours remaining. Degrees are awarded after all requirements have been met within two weeks of the end of final exams. Material received after that date will delay the degree awarded to the subsequent semester.

The Registrar, on behalf of the university, certifies all candidates whose academic records indicate that they can satisfy degree requirements by the end of the semester for which they have applied. All applicants must satisfy all graduation requirements as specified by the Private Universities Council.
Student Academic Records
AUK students have a permanent record, maintained in the Office of the Registrar under the student’s AUK ID number. Students may access their academic records through their AUK Self-Service accounts. Academic advisors and professional staff may access students’ academic records through the Banner database.

Students may obtain unofficial transcripts of their own academic records through their AUK Self-Service account. For current students, official AUK transcripts must be requested through the AUK Banner Self-Service, or from the Office of the Registrar, if no longer a student. Transcripts are released only upon the signed request of the student. The University only issues complete transcripts and does not release any documents from the student’s file (e.g., copies of the non-AUK transcripts or other documents which may be part of the student’s file). Once a degree has been posted to the transcript, changes will not be made to courses or grades that were earned prior to the awarding of the degree.

The Office of the Registrar reports to the Dean of Academic Support Services. For additional information, visit the Registrar’s Office located on the 3rd floor of the Student Center.


Ms. Hanouf Al-Juhail, Director
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Learning Support Services focuses on helping students become independent and successful learners by improving their study skills, increasing their understanding of course content, and developing their literacy skills. LSS is comprised of two centers: the Tutoring Center and the Writing Center.

The Director of LSS supervises all activities related to the Tutoring and Writing Centers, and collaborates with faculty, department chairs, and deans of colleges to continuously develop more effective learning support and classroom workshops. The Director reports to the Dean of Academic Support Services. For more information, visit Learning Support Services on the 3rd floor of the Student Center.

The Tutoring Center (TRC)
The Tutoring Center provides free academic support in all subjects to all students at AUK. Tutoring is provided individually, in small groups, or in Supplemental Instruction sessions coordinated with faculty. The TRC services are designed to help students improve their study skills, increase their understanding of course content, enhance their academic performance, and encourage them to develop a positive attitude towards learning. The TRC strives to work with faculty to understand, develop, and improve academic support to supplement class learning; recognize and respect the rights and equality of all who seek assistance; provide well-trained professional, paraprofessional, and peer academic support specialists; and foster an open professional learning-centered environment. Located on the 3rd floor of the Student Center, the TRC is open Sunday through Thursday.
The Writing Center (WRC)
The Writing Center serves the entire AUK community: students from all departments and majors are welcome, as are staff and faculty who need help with their projects. The WRC provides multilingual support (English, Arabic, French, Spanish) through individual or small-group consultations in which students, staff, and faculty explore ideas through the written word. All WRC staff and student consultants are selected for their professionalism and collegiality and are thoroughly trained in current best practices in writing. They provide a non-evaluative, reader’s response to students’ writing and help at any stage of the composing process: identifying and understanding audience, developing and expanding ideas, organizing ideas into a coherent whole, researching and evaluating external sources, incorporating external sources, understanding the conventions of academic writing, and communicating ideas clearly. The Writing Center's overarching goal is to inspire a love of reading and writing within the AUK community. Students can schedule appointments through the Writing Center’s appointment scheduling program (TutorTrac) or they can drop in for assistance. The WRC is located on the 3rd floor of the Student Center, and is open Sunday through Thursday.


Dr. Mary Queen, Dean
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