First Year Experience




The first year of university is an exciting, yet often challenging time for students. Among many things, the First-Year Experience program at AUK is designed to help students transition to a university environment, while also introducing them to the value of a liberal arts education. The FYE Program does this by requiring students to take two required courses (University 100 and University 110), and by involving them in extra-curricular activities on campus. By the end of the program, through both didactic and experiential learning, students will have acquired a range of academic, personal, and social skills including developing an appreciation of a liberal arts education, acquiring vital higher-level thinking skills, and ultimately attaining a sense of personal empowerment and academic self-efficacy.


The First-Year Experience strives to integrate all first-year students into the university’s liberal arts environment by empowering them with essential academic, personal, and social skills.   Students learn through holistic and experiential methods that encourage self-assessment and reflection. Ultimately, students in the FYE program are encouraged to become empathetic leaders and active agents of change within their communities.


FYE Core Values:

  • Individual involvement in academic, social and personal development.
  • Holistic development.
  • Collaboration and teamwork.
  • Creating a safe, constructive, and stimulating campus-wide environment.
  • Active and experimental learning.
  • Integrity, empathy, and responsiveness. 
  • Professional growth and development.
  • Community service.


The FYE program hopes to add more campus-wide programs as well as work in partnership with other departments and campus organizations. We aim to develop more community-based opportunities for students to apply interdisciplinary course concepts. By offering more professional development opportunities in the future, we aspire to inspire faculty and staff to promote campus-wide learning.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Develop an understanding and an appreciation for the meaning, purpose, and benefits of a Liberal Arts education and demonstrate this by being self-directed, productive students, and members within their community.
  2. Apply a variety of transferable, durable skills needed for success at university level and beyond. Skills include goal-setting, note-taking, test-taking, reading, writing, listening, and presenting.
  3. Critically question and analyze their own physical, emotional, and social behavior to demonstrate awareness between academic well-being and personal choices.
  4. Integrate into the AUK liberal arts culture by attending and actively participating in a variety of co-curricular events and indicate this through reflecting on and summarizing their experiences.
  5. Identify and apply practical strategies for higher level thinking by successfully completing a variety of class assignments and assessments such as: reflections, exams, projects, and presentations.
  6. Examine and construct self-reflective practices and employ effective behavioral strategies conducive to learning and becoming an effective member of the University community. 


Students must complete with a grade “C-” or better the following courses:

UNIV 100

Essentials of Learning

(2) [L]

UNIV 110

University, Community, and Citizenship

(3) [L]