Bachelor Of Business Administration in Finance (FINC)

Finance Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the AUK Major in Finance, the student will be able to:

  • Discount cash flows.
  • Evaluate stock and bond prices.
  • Appreciate the power and utility of net present value as an analytical tool.
  • Understand the key guiding principles of Islamic Finance.
  • Distinguish between systematic risk and asset specific risk.
  • Begin to build an investment portfolio.
  • Estimate and evaluate corporate and project cost of capital.
  • Analyze the financial feasibility of projects.
  • Explain the key distinguishing characteristics of financial markets in Kuwait and the Gulf.

Students must complete 4 of the following courses (12 credit hours):

FINC 341

  Corporate Finance


FINC 345

Investment and Securities Analysis


FINC 355  

Financial Markets and Institutions in Kuwait and the Gulf


FINC 413

Finance Capstone: Financial Markets and Institutions


Students must also choose in consultation with their Academic Advisor 2 courses (6 credit hours), 300-level or above, from among the disciplines offered by the College of Business and Economics (ACCT, BUS, BEAL, ECON, ENTR, HR, FINC, MGMT, MRKT).

Students interested in Majoring in Finance (undeclared students) are strongly encouraged to take STAT 202, Regression for Business.