Division of Arts and Humanities

Minor in Communication and Media (21 Credit Hours)

The Minor requires a minimum of 21 credit hours, including the core of 4 COMM courses (12 credit hours) listed below and 3 COMM or GDES elective courses (9 credit hours).  At least 3 credit hours must be in upper-level courses and at least 9 credit hours must be taken in residence at AUK.

Minor Core Requirements in Communication (12 credit hours):

COMM 101

Introduction to Mass Communication


COMM 110

Introduction to Digital Media Design


COMM 205  

Writing for Mass Media


COMM 225

Theories of Communication


Minor Electives (9 credit hours):
Students must complete at least 3 courses (9 credit hours), in consultation with their Academic Advisor, from recommended COMM and GDES courses.  One course (3 credit hours) must be at the 300- level or above.

Minor in English (18 Credit Hours)

Students wishing to Minor in English are required to take six (6) courses (18 credit hours).  Students must take any 3 courses (9 credit hours) of the following four core courses:

Minor Core Requirements in English (18 credit hours):

ENGL 201

World Literatures in Translation I


ENGL 203

World Literatures in Translation II


ENGL 211  

World Literatures in English I


ENGL 212      

World Literatures in English II


Students must also take 3 additional courses (9 credit hours) from any remaining ENGL 300 or 400-level course, or ENGL 207, or any one TRAN 200-300-level course) to complete a total of six courses (18 credit hours).

Minor in Graphic Design (21 Credit Hours)

The Graphic Design Minor provides students with the tools necessary to compete creatively in a professional arena. The classes taught are designed to prepare students for real world situations. Students will develop basic portfolios that meet with international Graphic Design standards. The ability to visually illustrate ideas that affect the advertising and marketing fields is a quintessential asset to have in the commercial art and communication market. The Minor requires a minimum of 21 credit hours including the core of 6 GDES courses (18 credit hours) listed below and 1 course (3 credit hours) from the GDES electives list.  Please check the Graphic Design Major listing for the GDES electives list.

Minor Core Requirements in Graphic Design (18 credit hours):

GDES 110

Digital Foundation


GDES 115

Color Theory


GDES 220  

Graphic Design I


GDES 221

Typography I


GDES 320  

Graphic Design II


GDES 322

Typography II


Minor Electives (3 credit hours):
Students must complete at least 1 course (3 credit hours) in consultation with their Academic Advisor from the GDES electives list at the 300-level or above.

Minor in Arabic (18 Credit Hours)

The Arabic Minor program strengthens students’ communication skills in Arabic and familiarizes students with the rich Arabic literary heritage. It develops skills of fluid expression in formal Arabic and leads to an informed awareness of the Arabic literary tradition.

Arabic Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of the AUK Minor in Arabic, the student will be able to:

  • Express complex ideas clearly and fluently in formal Arabic Language
  • Examine Arabic literary texts from diverse cultural periods
  • Evaluate Arabic literary texts within socio-historical contexts

Requirement of the Program

  • At least 9 credit hours must be taken at AUK

Arabic Core Courses (9 credit hours)
To complete a Minor in Arabic, students must complete the following core courses:

ARAB 215

Arab Composition I


ARAB 220

Readings in Arabic Heritage


ARAB 312  

Modern Arabic Literature


In addition, students must complete (in consultation with their academic advisor) 3 other courses (9 credit hours) from the following:

ARAB 255

Survey of Arab-Islamic Civilization



ARAB 221 

Creative Writing



Any ARAB course at the 300-level or higher

All ARABIC courses are listed in the academic catalog as either taught in English or Arabic, except for ARAB 369: Short Course, ARAB 388: Independent Study and ARAB 389: Special Topics. These courses are not listed as taught either in English or Arabic, since the language of instruction may change in any given semester according to the desires of the individual professor.