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Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs

On behalf of the entire Student Affairs staff, I invite you to take a few minutes to navigate these pages and discover the many outstanding co-curricular activities and experiences that are offered at the American University of Kuwait. The office of Student Affairs is here to assist you, guide you, and challenge you to explore all the possibilities we have to offer to ensure our students develop skills in leadership, teamwork and social responsibility to prepare them for their future roles in society, thereby maximizing student success.

In partnership with our distinguished faculty and our dedicated staff we create a learning centered culture that encourages student development and growth. Students are not only a part of it – they define it! We are just one of the many reasons why the American University of Kuwait is the university of choice for its students.

Be our success story.

Dr. Hanan Muzaffar,
Dean of Student Affairs


The Division of Student Affairs strives to provide a comprehensive array of effective programs and services designed to support students from matriculation to degree completion and beyond, facilitating personal and academic development and promoting lifelong learning which sustains a mutually beneficial relationship with the university.

  • Maintain services and programs which facilitate students' mental and physical wellbeing, thus enabling them to succeed academically and socially
  • Facilitate opportunities for students which are designed to promote social integration, and characteristics such as self-awareness, personal growth, collegiality, and fairness
  • Instill concepts in our students that focus on global awareness, civic responsibility, and lifelong learning while promoting enlightened values systems
  • Foster relationships, with both internal and external communities, through programs and services designed to create and sustain a lasting commitment with the American University of Kuwait
  • Provide opportunity to enrich lives beyond the traditional classroom setting through lifelong learning initiatives.

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