Student Life

Code of Conduct

In order to sustain an environment that supports optimal learning opportunities and promotes personal growth, the American University of Kuwait expects all community members (students, faculty, and staff) to adhere to the guidelines and policies established by the institution. These guidelines and policies set forth the ethical standards and organizational values by which AUK operates as an institution of higher education.

Incident Reporting & Adjudication

The University Code of Conduct and other University Policies & Procedures provide general explanations of community members’ rights and responsibilities, outline acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, and describe specific disciplinary procedures and sanctions. The Office of Student Life is responsible for adjudicating student violations of the University Code of Conduct. Student violations related to academic integrity are adjudicated by Academic Affairs.
If you need to report an incident, kindly submit an incident report form to the Office of Student Life or online via self-service.

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