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What is Degree Works?
Degree Works is a comprehensive web-based academic advising tool that aligns students, advisors, and faculty to help students plan their academic path, fulfill their academic requirements and graduate on time.
What is a Degree Roadmap?
Your Degree Roadmap is a clear visual of all requirements to fulfill your program of study. Degree requirements are divided into “blocks”: Degree Summary, General Education, Major, Minor, In-Progress, Fallthrough, Insufficient, and Not Counted. On your Degree Roadmap you can view all courses transferred, completed, in-progress, and still needed.
Is the Degree Roadmap the same as the transcript?
No. The Degree Roadmap is a tool you use to view your degree requirements and plan your academic path to graduation. Your Degree Roadmap is NOT an official document. The transcript is your official university record.
How current is my information on Degree Works?
Information on Degree Works is updated every night (24 hours).
Can I register for classes on Degree Works?
No. You still need to visit the AAC or your faculty advisor to get your RAC number, and register through AUK Self Service.
Can I change or update my major/minor on Degree Works?
No. You still need to visit the AAC and submit the appropriate form.
Can I see a list of classes I have completed at AUK?
Yes. You can see a list of all classes completed at AUK using the “Class History” link.
Do all of my transfer courses and credits appear on Degree Works?
Yes. All transfer work should appear on your Degree Roadmap.
I am planning to change my major. How can I see what requirements I need to fulfill another major?
You can use the “What If” feature to see how the courses you have completed fulfill different major requirements and to see what courses you would still need to complete. You can also use the “Look Ahead” feature to see how courses you are planning on taking in future semesters will apply to a particular major.
I am still undeclared and want to see what requirements I need to fulfill for the major I have in my mind. How can I do that?
Use the “What If” feature to compare majors that you’re interested in.
Can I save my "What If" scenario?
Yes, you can save one scenario only.
How do I know if a course I would like to take fulfills a requirement?
Use the “Look Ahead” feature to see what requirement a course fulfills, if any.
I declared my major but the change is not reflected in my Degree Roadmap. Why?
It sometimes takes up to a week for the paperwork to be processed. Check with the AAC.
Is it possible to change my catalog year on Degree Works?
No. You cannot change your catalog year on Degree Works, but you CAN use the “What If” feature to see how a change in your catalog year will affect your progress toward degree completion. To change your catalog year, visit the AAC and submit the appropriate form.
What courses fall under "Fallthrough," "Insufficient," and "Not Counted"?
The blocks are explained as follows:
  • “Fallthrough” lists the courses that are not used toward degree requirements such as MATH 100 and/or MATH 110 for an Engineering major.
  • “Insufficient” lists the courses in which the student withdrew, failed, or received an incomplete.
  • “Not Counted” lists the courses that are neither counted in your GPA nor in your earned hours, such as MATH 095.
I am pursuing a double degree but only one appears. How do I view the requirements for the second degree?
Use the “Degree” drop-down menu to select the degree you would like to view.
What does the "@" symbol mean?
The “@” symbol is a wildcard. If it appears before a course number, it means that you can take any subject as long as it fulfills the course number requirement (e.g., @300-499 means any upper division level course). If it appears after a subject prefix, it means that you can.

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