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Logging into DegreeWorks via Self Service

  1. Log into Self Service with your Student ID and PIN

  2. Click on the "Student Services" tab

    DegreeWorks login

  3. Click on "Student Degree Works"

    DegreeWorks login

  4. Click the “Degree Works” button on the next page

    DegreeWorks login

  5. You will then see the initial view of your "Degree Roadmap."

    DegreeWorks login

Navigating your Degree Roadmap

Your roadmap is divided into sections. Each individual section is called a block and has a maroon header identifying the block and the total credits required and applied in that block. Following is an overview of the roadmap and all the blocks you may find in it.

Navigation Bar and Student View

The top of your roadmap contains your basic student and academic information such as Student ID, major and class level. If you are pursuing two degrees, click on the drop-down arrow in the Navigation Bar under “Degree” to select the one you’d like to view.

DegreeWorks Navigation Bar

The "Student View" section contains additional information such as your assigned faculty advisor (if applicable), catalog year, overall GPA, scholarship status, and any holds on your account.

Degree Progress Bars

Next, you will see the following two "Degree Progress" bars. These provide a visual representation of the estimated overall progress made towards fulfilling "Requirements" and "Credits," respectively. Generally, both bars should show similar percentages. If the percentages are significantly different, please check with your AAC/faculty advisor.

Note: Engineering majors tend to have a larger difference in percentages (compared to other degree programs) owing to the greater number of credits required


Throughout the roadmap, the following symbols will be used. To find out what they mean, refer to the legend below, also located at the end of your roadmap.

Degree Block

The first block found at the top of every roadmap is the Degree block. The Degree block is a summary of the requirements for completing your degree (BA, BBA, BE or BS) based on your catalog (also known as Academic Year). It also includes graduation requirements. The header of the Degree block is the only place where you’ll see the total credits required for graduation.

General Education Requirements Block

This block is a breakdown of all the General Education requirements based on your major and catalog. The categories listed under General Education requirements include English Language, Humanities and Social Sciences. If a requirement is marked as “Still Needed,” you can find more about it by clicking on the hyperlinked text (shown in orange).

Note: If you have not specified a major or pre-major and your "Major" field in the Student View section says "Major Not Yet Declared," the General Education Requirements block is the only block that will appear on your roadmap. Please visit the AAC to specify an intended major.

Major(s) Block

Next on your roadmap, you will see a block for your primary major.

Majors Block

If you are pursuing a double major, the block for the second major will appear next.

Free Electives Block

Next on the roadmap, you should see the Free Electives block. There are two exceptions to this:

  1. If you are pursuing a double major, or
  2. If your major does not require free electives (e.g. Computer and Electrical Engineering).

In these cases, you will NOT find a Free Electives block on your roadmap.

To better understand Free Electives, it is best to consider them as “credit fillers.” The total Free Elective credits required is what will allow you to reach the total required credits for your degree, after fulfilling General Education and Major requirements:

Free Electives = Total credits required for degree – (Credits required for General Education + Major)

Therefore, Free Electives will be waived if you are pursuing a double major. This is because courses taken to fulfill the second major’s requirements will fully replace Free Electives. For the same reason, if you are pursuing a minor, the number of free elective credits remaining, if any, will vary depending on your major/minor combination and catalog. Please refer to your advisor to find out how your minor will affect your Free Electives block.

Free Electives Block

Minor Block

If you are pursuing a minor, the Minor block will come up next, outlining requirements for completion of the minor based on your catalog.

Minor Block

Other Blocks

The appendix of the roadmap will vary from one student to another, depending on coursework taken and academic progress made. These are the four different blocks that might appear at the end of your roadmap:


The In-Progress block lists all the courses you are registered for, both in the current semester and future semesters. In-Progress courses should also show on the roadmap under the respective General Education, Major or Minor requirements they fulfill.

In Progress

Fallthrough Courses

The Fallthrough Courses block includes course(s) that do not apply towards any degree or minor requirements. They usually fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Extra/unnecessary courses completed at AUK
  2. Unused transfer credits
  3. Prerequisite MATH courses (e.g. MATH 100) in the case of Engineering and Science majors
  4. Courses [with a passing grade of “C”] in which you earned a “D” grade and have not yet repeated
    (e.g. ENGL 101)

Fallthrough courses are included in your earned credits and overall GPA (if completed at AUK).

Failthrough Courses

Failthrough Courses

Not Counted

The Not Counted block lists any course that does not count towards earned credits and GPA. This is where you will find MATH 095, a non-credit preparatory course.

Not Counted


The Insufficient block lists all courses in which you did not earn a passing grade (e.g. F, W, I) as well as repeated courses.


Other Features


This feature enables you to evaluate the implications of selecting a different major, minor, catalog year etc., on your academic progress, by displaying where your completed coursework would fit under the new set of requirements. This tool is only for the purpose of evaluation and will not result in any actual changes to your record.

From the Worksheets tab, click “What If” on the left and select the desired scenario by choosing the Degree, Major(s), Minor or Catalog Year of choice. (See video for detailed instructions on how to use this feature).

What If

Look Ahead

Use the “Look Ahead” feature to see how a specific course or courses you’re interested in taking in a future semester would apply towards your current program. The courses will be indicated on the roadmap with the word “PLAN” for the grade field and “Planned Term” in the semester field. (See video for detailed instructions on how to use this feature).

Disclaimer: The Look Ahead feature does not indicate whether or not you can register for a course in the upcoming semester. It only shows you if the selected course(s) would fit on your roadmap and if it does which requirement it would fulfill. Eligibility to register for a specific course depends on fulfilling its prerequisites.

Look Ahead

GPA Calculator

You can use any of the three available GPA calculators to find out what grades you need to achieve to reach a desired GPA, or how your current GPA would change based on predicted grades in current coursework.
(See video for detailed instructions on how to use this feature).

GPA Calculator

Printing or Saving your Roadmap

If you would like to print or save your roadmap, click the "Save as PDF" button. A new window will appear.

Print Roadmap

To print your roadmap, click the printer icon. To save as a PDF, click the download (arrow) icon.

Viewing Class History

To view your class history and the final grades you earned in each course, click on "Class History." A new window will appear showing you all attempted, completed and in-progress coursework in chronological order.

Reporting Issues

If your roadmap indicates a missing requirement that you do not believe should show as missing or if a course appears to be misplaced, please follow up with the AAC to help you resolve the issue.






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