Campus Services

The Campus Services Department (CSD) at AUK creates, maintains, and optimizes AUK’s physical environment. It provides the utilities and facilities required for a great educational experience and optimal research environment.
The goal of the Department is to provide a safe, secure, and welcoming campus to all our visitors, staff, students, and members of the AUK community.
There are six areas of business in the CSD Department:
  1. Facility Management
  2. Safety and Security
  3. Campus Planning, Refurbishment, and Construction
  4. Cleaning and Classroom/Event Setup
  5. University Transportation
  6. AUK Housing



Mayce Ahmed Elhakam Elmostafa

Administrative Assistant & Services Coordinator

Joy John

Coordinator - Campus Services

Mohamed Wagdy El Khawaga

Safety & Security Coordinator

Nawaf A. Abdulaziz

Coordinator - Security Control Room

Ahmed Hassan

Assistant Coordinator - Control Room

Manhari Pradhan

Supervisor - Soft Services

Raghavendra Asnotkar