Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research supports institutional management, operations, decision-making, assessment, planning functions, accreditation, and other external reporting requirements. 

The office works to maintain the integrity and consistency of institutional data based on best practices and professional standards. Within this role, the office supplies information to the AUK Board of Trustees, University leadership, and internal units to aid in developing and supporting a culture of measurable accountability and continual growth. The office provides information for review and evaluation, as well as data to external sources, governmental and commercial, as required (i.e. PUC, Accrediting Bodies, etc.). 

General AUK Information
The American University of Kuwait (AUK) is an independent, private, coeducational liberal arts institution of higher education based on the American model of higher learning. The below graphs and tables provide general information on AUK enrollment, graduation rates, and faculty.

UG Enrollment

Range 2500 - 3000 students


Male 48.3%
Female 51.7%
Total 100%

Class Level

IEP 6.8%
Freshman 30.2%
Sophomore 23.6%
Junior 17.5%
Senior 21.9%
Total 100%


Kuwaiti 70.1%
Non-Kuwaiti 29.9%
Total 100%

The below information is accurate as of Fall 2019.

Fall 2019 - Enrollment by Gender

Fall 2019 - Enrollment by Class Level

Fall 2019 - Enrollment by Nationality 
Fall 2019 - Enrollment by Scholarship/Financial Aid & Self-Supporting
Average Class Size & Faculty to Student Ratio
Fall 2019 UG IEP
Average Class Size  24.6 17.1
Faculty to Student Ratio  1:23.0 1:13.2

6-Year Graduation Rate

Undergraduate Full-time Faculty Information as of Fall 2019 semester
Highest Degree Institution
Location & Degree
PhD/Terminal Master’s Total
(MS/MA, etc)
Faculty with their highest
degree from a North
American University
68.1% 4.4% 72.5%
US =57.1%
Canada =11.0%
US = 4.4%
Canada =0%
US =61.5%
Canada =11.0%
Faculty with their highest
degree from a European
or Australian University
17.6% 2.2% 19.8%
Faculty with their
highest degree from
University’s elsewhere
6.6% 1.1% 7.7%
TOTAL 92.3% 7.7% 100.0%
Nationality* & Degree PhD/Terminal Master’s Total
(MS/MA, etc)
Faculty with
North American Nationality
45.1% 2.2% 47.3%
US = 37.4%  
Canada =7.7%
US = 2.2% 
Canada =0%
US = 39.6%  
Canada =7.7%
Faculty with Kuwaiti Nationality 13.2% 2.2% 15.4%
Faculty with European or
Australian Nationality
9.9% 2.2% 12.1%
Faculty with Other Nationalities 24.2% 1.1% 25.3%
TOTAL 92.3% 7.7% 100.0%
*21 nationalities are represented amongst the AUK -UG full time faculty.
Note: The above only includes primary instructors, and does not include
Teaching/Instructional Assistants.


AUK Faculty Scholarly Achievements (AY15-16 thru 17-18)
Books (authored) 8
Book Chapters 13
Journal Articles* 105
Conference Presentations/Proceedings* 224
Exhibitions, Performances & Designs 79
Creative Work (Fiction, Film, Television, etc.) 29
External Research Grants 1
Patents 1
*Indicates individual articles only, does not count duplications for co-authors.

The Office of Institutional Research personnel at AUK are members of the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) and as such use the AIR Code of Ethics and Professional Practice as a guide for professional responsibilities and activities.

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