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AUK Art & Graphic Design Department Holds its 12th Annual Capstone Exhibition

14th May 2019 | by the Office of Public Affairs

The Art & Graphic Design Department at the American University of Kuwait (AUK) held the opening ceremony of its 12th annual Graphic Design Capstone Exhibition which took place at the Promenade Culture Centre at The Promenade Mall in Hawalli. The exhibition offered senior students an opportunity to display their creative work, which covered a range of themes, including social and cultural awareness, corporate identity, and entrepreneurship.

The exhibition ran for one week and was open to the public. During the exhibition, the participating students were evaluated by industry experts based on their creativity and presentation, their ability to conduct and use graphic design research strategy effectively, and their ability to plan and implement a compelling graphic design display.
Held on an annual basis, the Graphic Design Capstone Exhibition brings together visitors from the field of graphic design, including experts from graphic design studios, publishing houses, film and video production companies, advertising, and multimedia firms.  

Department Chair of the Art & Graphic Design Department, Professor William Andersen commended the students’ efforts during the exhibition, “I have been involved with AUK’s Graphic Design Capstone Exhibitions for over 10 years now and amazingly it just gets better and better every year. Everyone says this is AUK’s best Graphic Design Capstone Exhibition so far! I wish to thank the students, faculty, and the staff at AUK and the Promenade Culture Centre for making this happen!”
AUK’s Graphic Design Capstone Exhibition presents an opportunity for senior students to fully incorporate their design strengths and learning into a focused and extended process of research and visual expression.

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