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AUK Hosts Eman Al-Awadhi from KIPCO

15th May 2019 | by the Department of PR & Marketing

The American University of Kuwait (AUK) welcomed Eman Al-Awadhi, the Group Communications Director at Kuwait Projects Company (KIPCO), for her presentation on Collaboration and Partnerships. She presented to AUK marketing students in a course which examines the patterns and factors influencing both consumer and organizational behavior. The presentation comes as part of a series of student sessions organized by the Pearl Initiative as part of its efforts to raise awareness about sustainability among university students.

In her talk, Ms. Al-Awadhi introduced the students to KIPCO—Kuwait’s largest holdings company. She discussed the four pillars of the Pearl Initiative Pledge which promotes themes of accountability and transparency within corporate culture and competitiveness. These include setting targets for sustainable and responsible growth, creating a more inclusive workplace, promoting integrity, and developing collaborations and partnerships. According to Ms. Al-Awadhi, KIPCO has formed both internal and external partnerships that include both business and social collaborations. In fact, KIPCO contributes to New Kuwait Vision 2035 by investing in the creativity and innovativeness of the younger generation through platforms such as the Tmkeen Award for Young Entrepreneurs. This particular initiative enables young entrepreneurs to compete to win KIPCO’s support for their startup ideas.
Ms. Al-Awadhi’s presentation contributed to the students’ understanding of the motive behind different partnerships and collaborations, different ways of implementation, and the impact that this has on different stakeholders. In the example of the KIPCO Tmkeen Award, Ms. Al-Awadhi explained how the support offered by KIPCO Group helped the startups expand their businesses through market studies, marketing plans, advertising, and other services. Examples of successful businesses that won the award over the years included Ajar Online, MyHome, Baims and NutriBox.

The presentation was informative and provided much insight to the students about how to forge professional partnerships that are productive and how to utilize the best modern tools to provide consumers with the best services.
Ms. Al-Awadhi is responsible for coordinating the KIPCO Group’s overall communications strategy and for KIPCO’s corporate communications, media relations, branding and marketing activities. She has an extensive career in public relations, media and journalism. She was previously a member of the ‘Newsweek Arabic’ production team and the foreign correspondent at Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait’s official news wire.

Eman Al-Awadhi, Group Communications Director at Kuwait Projects Company (KIPCO)

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