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AUK Partners with Nuqat for 2019 Regional Conference

17th Nov 2019 | by the Office of Public Affairs

The American University of Kuwait (AUK) is a knowledge partner for the upcoming 2019 Regional Conference hosted by Nuqat. The 10-day conference centers on the theme ‘State of the Elastic Mind: A New Mindset for Old Barriers’ that aims to engage its attendees to find the means to understand, critique, and reframe mindsets that have shaped prevalent social structures in the Arab world in order to overcome obstacles.

Team director of Nuqat, Azza Elhassan commented on AUK’s involvement, “We would like to thank AUK, our knowledge partner of #TheStateOfTheElasticMind for their support and contribution. We are proud to partner with local and regional institutions that value freedom of thought, expression and intellectual inquiry, which can play an important part in our mission to empower and sustain a collaborative community through inspiring, nurturing and stimulating creativity and critical thinking.”

AUK hosted the Nuqat team for a one-day roadshow for the students where they presented more information about the renowned international speakers expected to come to the conference, the topics that will be discussed, and available workshops, as well as ways in which AUK students can volunteer in the conference. The roadshow and exclusive session were a great success with many students registering and volunteering for one of the most collaborative and active cultural conferences in Kuwait. 

AUK Executive Vice President, Amal Al-Binali affirmed the University’s support of the conference, “We are honored to be collaborating with Nuqat on this conference as AUK is committed to supporting initiatives that encourage the community to explore different facets of intellectual and cultural perspectives and identifying the need for growth and improvement.” 

The conference is set to take place from the 20th-29th of November, 2019; it will also mark Nuqat’s 10-year anniversary and will feature three days of lectures, talks and discussion panels at Amricani Cultural Centre, followed by five days of workshops, musical performances, art exhibitions, and several other forms of cultural entertainment which will take place across the entire region including, Cairo, Dubai, Beirut, and Bahrain.

About Nuqat
The extensive knowledgebase on the region’s cultural scene amassed by Nuqat has empowered the NPO to develop groundbreaking content for the progress of the region. To find more information about Nuqat or their upcoming 2019 Regional Conference, please visit Nuqat’s website,

Nuqat team at AUK

Azza Elhassan from Nuqat conducting the information session

General photo of the information session

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