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AUK Students Secure Seats in Youth Assembly of Kuwait

15th Sep 2019 | by the Office of Public Affairs

Two students from the American University of Kuwait (AUK) have successfully secured seats in the inaugural round of the Youth Assembly of Kuwait. International relations students Hessah Saket Al-Enezi and Wed Saad Al-Daihani will be among 37 Kuwaiti youths representing the six governates, who plan to elevate the voice of their constituents to officials at the state level.

The Youth Assembly of Kuwait is a pioneering step in promoting youth needs and potential in the country. This platform will be organized and conducted yearly under the auspices of the Youth Public Authority where it will serve as an official channel to deliver concerns and recommendations from youths to relevant decision makers.

Despite the lengthy application process, both persisted in their applications due to their confidence in the potential of this platform in bridging the communication gap. Al-Daihani explained, “I applied to the Youth Assembly to ease the conversation between the government and the youths of Kuwait. This opportunity to be one of the voices that represent the Kuwaiti youths is a great and challenging one. This Assembly is the first of its kind in Kuwait and the problems we have vary.” 
In particular, Al-Daihani, who will be representing Farwaniya, plans to focus on education and gender biases; whereas Al-Enezi, who will be representing Jahra, plans to focus on education and youth unemployment. Further, Al-Enezi explained, “I believe in bringing greater care about the youths' abilities and empowering them to utilize those abilities in a creative way that helps them and helps our country. Our youth have many skills that allow for possibilities to excel in different fields.”

Both Al-Enezi and Al-Daihani expressed their gratitude to AUK for preparing them for this role, particularly highlighting support from faculty members, dynamic internship and club opportunities, as well as participations in international conferences, all of which embody the core of the University’s liberal arts approach. 

Al-Enezi explains, “AUK has a great faculty, they all paved the way for me to succeed in this role”, adding that they, “taught me about politics and history and spent most of their time empowering me and my fellow classmates to excel!”

Al-Enezi and Al-Daihani will be joining their fellow youth representatives for a month of training under the Youth Public Authority where they will be equipped with the rules and regulations of this assembly and engage with their fellow members.

Hessah Al-Enezi

Wed Al-Daihani

Wed with the governor of Farwanyia, his excellency Sheikh Faisal AlSabah

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