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AUK Set To Launch Faculty Speaker Series

22nd Apr 2021 | by the Office of Public Affairs

AUK will be launching the Faculty Speaker Series whereby faculty’s expertise will be showcased through their research and scholarly discourse to both the AUK community and the broader public. The new initiative serves as a platform for faculty who have received local or international grants to share their findings, discuss their most recent research interests, and review current topics within the academic circles.  

Professor Fatima Shibly and Professor Salime Smadi, the organizing faculty of this series, discuss what they hope to achieve through this program as they explain in a joint statement, “The aim of the series is to enrich the intellectual life of the University and to provide a platform for university-community dialog and debate. Through this initiative, we hope that the wider community will engage in the conversation, and we will be able to foster a sense of unity and shared learning.” 

The first session of the AUK Faculty Speaker Series will be held on the 26th of April, 2021 at 6pm by AUK assistant professor of English and National Endowment for the Humanities Research Fellow, Dr. Katherine Hennessey. In her talk, Hennessey will discuss the thought-provoking achievements of contemporary theater-makers from our region. Focusing on the socio-political content of three recent plays from Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen, this presentation will explore how and why theater matters in the Arabian Peninsula. 

This series is not only an opportunity for students to further engage with their professors and learn more about their discipline through these sessions, but  is also a chance for anyone wanting to learn more about a particular field in which they are interested in; as expressed by AUK president, Dr. Rawda Awwad, “Our faculty’s scholarly pursuits are central to teaching excellence and service to the profession.  The Series is an opportunity for our academic community at AUK and our broader constituents to engage with our faculty experts on matters of research that is of significance and that contributes toward constructive progress and change,” she said.

Through experienced faculty discussing and sharing interdisciplinary research, audiences inside and outside of the AUK community can  engage in discussions and exchange knowledge in multiple areas of interest. 

To receive the Zoom link to attend this lecture, please sign up by sending an email to

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