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AUK President Dr. Rawda Awwad Featured Speaker In Ellucian Live 2021 Event

15th Aug 2021 | by the Department of PR & Marketing

President of the American University of Kuwait, Dr. Rawda Awwad delivered a speech in the Ellucian Live 2021 Event’s panel discussion with other presidents whereby conversations were exchanged on the rapid transformation of higher education and the future of its operating model. Moderated by Inside Higher Ed’s Scott Jaschik, over 9800 attendees, 300 speakers, 1300 institutions and 45 countries were involved. 

Among the topics that Dr. Awwad discussed was the current state of institutions under the unique circumstances that the pandemic posed and the extent in which the demand for online learning will increase or decrease upon returning to normal conditions. 
Another topic of discussion was a review of the significance of AUK’s migration to cloud and how it has made the University more agile and efficient that in turn contributed to the changing role of the IT Department over the last year. The speech encompassed the Department’s importance in institutional strategic planning and decision-making. 
Concluding her talk, Dr. Awwad touched on the impact of the political, economic, and health-related concerns that international students are currently facing.
Commenting on the exchange of ideas during the event, Dr. Awwad stated, “Peer discussions such as these are always useful in identifying common institutional issues and concerns, and in developing solutions that are sustainable and promote growth and development. No matter where we are and who we are, post-secondary institutions are accountable in shaping the future. As such, we have a shared responsibility that requires continued transnational dialog that promotes an exchange of ideas and knowledge,” she states.

AUK president Dr. Rawda Awwad