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AUK Students Participate In International English Honor Society Conference

04th Aug 2021 | by the Department of PR & Marketing

AUK students participated in the International English Honor Society—also knowns as Sigma Tau Delta—annual conference. Due to the pandemic, the conference was held virtually; the theme of Metamorphosis was discussed online in a roundtable format.  

The roundtable for AUK included participants sharing personal accounts of the transformative process objects go through: a concept known as metamorphosis. Chloe Ramey, president of Sigma Tau Delta’s AUK chapter, discussed her liminal identity and her migration to Kuwait in her presentation titled, “Natural Pearls and My Constructed Identity”. 

Another member of the honor society is recent graduate Stephen Sapp, who mapped out his metamorphosis into fatherhood and the way masculinity is constructed in “The Car: An Influenced Identity”. Alumnus Abdulaziz Redha explored the complex personal and societal relationship he and Kuwait have with American popular culture in “Start of an Age: Transitioning into a Global Kuwaiti”. 

AUK chapter faculty advisor, Professor Angelica DeAngelis, reflected upon the honor society and the students who participated in the conference, “It is always an exhilarating moment when you get to see all the hard work you and your students have put in over the last four years come to fruition, when you see them transition from student to young scholar, confident and prepared to take the next step on their personal and academic journey. That is what I saw as the faculty advisor of Sigma Tau Delta during the AUK chapter’s roundtable presentations and discussion,” she states. 

The presentation was well-received by the audience and concluded with a Q&A session whereby discussions on the topic and papers took place.

AUK’s roundtable discussion on metamorphosis with alumnus Abdulaziz Redha, AUK chapter president Chloe Ramey, faculty advisor Professor Angelica DeAngelis, and recent graduate Stephen Sapp.