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Taiba Al-Humaidhi Conducts Workshop Series at AUK

08th Dec 2021 | by the Department of PR & Marketing

The Office of Alumni Affairs and Career Development (AACD) at the American University of Kuwait (AUK) collaborated with alumna Taiba Al-Humaidhi, co-founder of Floward, partner at Serve Bakery, and founder of ‘Lei Wa Lakom’, to host a series of career workshops on transferable skills, as part of the ‘From Learn to Become’ program. The workshops touched on in-demand topics such as problem-solving, integrity and ethics, leadership vs. management, teamwork and adaptability, and communication and relationship-building (including a brief about emotional intelligence).  With the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and regulations, AACD and Taiba were able to accommodate all students and alumni by holding the workshops in the AUK auditorium while also live-streaming the sessions on Zoom.
The alumna shared her expertise on the abovementioned topics based on her entrepreneurial background, allowing students and alumni to grasp the many valuable lessons influenced by Taiba’s real-life experiences. The workshops included multifaceted presentations, group discussions, engaging activities, and Q&A sessions. According to Taiba, reading is vital and an essential step of knowledge enhancement; as such, Taiba concluded each session by recommending reading material related to the topic discussed that she was personally inspired by. 
Following the workshops, students expressed their admiration for Taiba’s work. Sundus Al-Hammadi, a junior student who attended the series shared that the examples given during the integrity and ethics workshop were very interesting, especially since they reflected real-life instances. Sundus said, “At first, we did not think that the dilemmas Taiba mentioned could occur, but then Taiba explained that these situations did in fact happen. She then asked us what we would do if we were faced with similar dilemmas, which led to thought-provoking discussions.”
Taiba Al-Humaidhi graduated from AUK with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management in 2006. Prior to teaching her self-taught skills that led to her success, Taiba’s first experience with entrepreneurship began in 2009, when she, along with her sisters, established BTZ Group, a personal business venture.  She co-founded and was the head of Product Mix at Floward. Today, she is a partner at Serve Bakery, and founder of her latest initiative, ‘Lei Wa Lakom’, a community with the goal of opening doors for women.
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