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AUK Hosts L.E.A.D Talk with Dina Al-Waheab

22nd Feb 2021 | by the Office of Public Affairs

The Office of Student Life, Division of Student Affairs at the American University of Kuwait (AUK) hosted its 3rd L.E.A.D talk of the fall semester through Zoom with speaker Dina Al-Waheab entitled, Importance of Emotional Intelligence. 
Dina started the talk by describing how emotional intelligence helps people better understand what motivates others and also helps people work more cooperatively with others. The talk progressed into a discussion on how emotional intelligence is also the ability to understand, use, and manage emotions in positive ways, to relieve stress, and communicate effectively. Emotional intelligence is also known to be a key component of leadership; the ability to be in tune with emotions helps to create a boundary of awareness, providing a powerful tool for leading a team. 

Dina Al-Waheab is a business and organizational psychologist who graduated from Coventry University-UK with a master's degree in business and organizational psychology. She is a member of The Association of Business Psychology-UK. In addition, her research received an award for excellence from the association for the level of distinction, and the best research in the field of Business Psychology for Coventry University in the year 2018. Dina is the founder of DEEP Consultancy, which is considered the first Kuwaiti company that applies psychology to business; she is also the founder of the “SpeakUp Kuwait” program, which is the first public speaking program that combines psychology with public speaking in Kuwait. Her main interests are in leaders’ behaviors and the psychological effects it has on employees. 

L.E.A.D at AUK is a leadership program for AUK students that takes place every semester for students to learn from professionals on how to be independent and positive leaders on and off campus. The talks are very successful and include many engaging activities and discussions.

Dina Al-Waheab

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