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EU Ambassadors Mark Europe Day with AUK Community

02nd Jun 2021 | by the Department of PR & Marketing

Celebrating the EU as a promoter of global peace and sustainable development

AUK hosted a distinguished talk on the European Union (EU) with the AUK community to celebrate Europe Day, which marks the founding of the EU as the most successful peace project in the world. 

Hosted by the AUK president Dr. Rawda Awwad, the hybrid event focused on the EU as a promoter of global peace and champion of sustainable development, the EU-Kuwait relations and the positive impact of EU enlargement on its 27 member states, bringing together the EU Ambassador to Kuwait and Qatar, H.E. Dr. Cristian Tudor; the Ambassador of Poland to Kuwait and Bahrain, H.E. PaweĊ‚ Lechowicz; and the Ambassador of France to Kuwait, H.E. Anne-Claire Legendre.

Welcoming the European Ambassadors, President Awwad said, “AUK adheres to its liberal arts principles where conversations, dialog, and opportunities for an exchange of ideas are at the core of university life and experience. The more we can engage with each other and the world, the better we have a chance at improved relations and cooperation and creating long-term constructive solutions to the world’s most pressing issues and concerns.” 

Each Ambassador talked about the European Union and what it stands for, including how multilateralism—a concept that advocates for multiple countries pursuing a common and shared goal, is one of its key features.

Showcasing the transformative power of the EU to its nearly 500 million citizens, Ambassador Lechowicz, said, “Poland joined the European Union on 1 May 2004, alongside nine other countries. In doing so, it entered one of the largest free trade, single market and customs unions in the world, which positively changed the political, economic and social life of millions of citizens. Living with open borders and freedom of movement, millions of EU citizens pursued personal career development elsewhere in the EU, making it a dream come true for an entire generation. The EU accession also reinvigorated ‘older’ member states and enhanced security across Europe and enabled the EU to better tackle global challenges such as climate change, migration and poverty through a common approach.”  

The EU inaugurated its Delegation to Kuwait in July 2019, in recognition of the increasing importance of Kuwait as a partner of the European Union and Kuwait’s distinguished role in the region. Speaking of the EU-Kuwait relations, Ambassador Tudor said: “Kuwait is a natural partner for the EU as we both strive for more peace and stability in the region through diplomatic means, mediation and dialogue. We also share a strong humanitarian and development focus in our external relations.”

Addressing bilateral ties in the field of education, he then added: “The EU has a number of outstanding programmes such as Erasmus+ and Jean Monnet Actions that aim to facilitate student and academic mobility, promote the exchange of best practices and excellence in teaching and research, all open to universities in Kuwait and the region. Europe is a world-class destination for education, science and innovation and as the first EU Ambassador to Kuwait, I look forward to strengthening bilateral ties in the academic field through study abroad programmes and scientific collaboration with prominent academic institutions in Kuwait.”

Further discussing the global dimension of the EU, Ambassador Legendre added, “The European Union has become the largest donor in development and humanitarian aid globally, the boldest player when it comes to climate action and a fervent supporter of a reformed multilateralism for the 21st century. Kuwait and the European Union share the fundamental conviction that differences should be solved through cooperation and peaceful dialog, and I look forward to discussing with the students how together we can work further into this direction.”

The event was attended by AUK students, faculty members, researchers and partners, as well as representatives from EU services and EU member states, who activity participated in a Q&A session, addressing topical issues and sharing ideas on global cooperation around shared challenges.

EU Ambassadors celebrating Europe Day at AUK