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AUK Kicks Off Spring eLearning Semester

23rd Mar 2021 | by the Office of Public Affairs

AUK commenced the spring 2021 online semester by welcoming new and returning students, staff, and faculty through multiple virtual meetings, engaging activities, and orientations. The University’s various services, departments, online networks and new platforms were all showcased and introduced to the campus community.  
Dr. Hanan Muzaffar, Vice President for Student Affairs, initiated AUK’s orientation meeting by greeting all newcomers directly from AUK’s campus, saying, “I personally can’t wait to get to know every one of you and I will be reaching out to you throughout your time at AUK.” She also expressed her enthusiasm towards starting a fresh semester with the newly admitted students, “We are all very excited to begin a new year with you, even if virtually at this point. You are now part of the Wolfpack community. So welcome!” Upon showing the students a live view of the University’s campus, she concluded her speech by wishing everyone a great semester.  
In order to get the students well-accustomed to their campus, footage of events previously held at AUK was displayed alongside departmental presentations that provided information about scholarship and financial aid, IT services, library, the Writing and Tutoring Center, and the Counseling Center.  
Towards the end of the orientation, students were divided into several chat rooms where they introduced themselves and played ice-breaker games. This exchange of conversation granted students the opportunity to engage each other as diverse members of the same community.  
The University’s Student Life Department, Division of Student Affairs, facilitated an array of online Zoom sessions throughout welcome week to support new students, creating a friendly and collaborative space for everyone to meet one another. There were numerous competitions, interactive games, raffle draws, and prizes given out during these events.  
The Student Life Department continuously encouraged students to remain active by joining campus clubs and organizations. “Being involved in a club develops your leadership skills while creating an impact in the community around you and beyond,” stated Student Life director, Shirley Sullivan.  
A safe online learning environment with continued virtual connections between students, staff, and faculty will be ensured and provided in AUK’s spring 2021 semester, creating an enriching and rewarding experience for everyone.    
Group photos of newly-admitted students engaging in open conversation with Student Life during orientation day.

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