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AUK Professor Clark Stoeckley Holds First Solo Exhibition

04th Jan 2022 | by the Department of PR & Marketing

Assistant professor of art & graphic design, Clark Stoeckley recently held his first solo exhibition at the HUB Gallery in Kuwait. The show, titled “Thoughts & Prayers”, featured Stoeckley’s geometric abstract drawings and paintings completed over the past two years of the pandemic. He drew his designs first with Copic ink markers and finished them with Prismacolor colored pencils. Later, selected drawings were scaled up to oil paintings on canvas and murals on walls. 

Professor Stoeckley said that through meditational drawing, he sought to save his own psychological and spiritual well-being and transmit joy and bliss to others. His goal was to discover harmony from chaotic asymmetry, rhythmic disruptions, and disparate influences. He blended and distorted imagery inspired by an amalgamation of motifs such as stained glass, psychedelia, science, street art, and sacred geometry. These synesthesia-stimulated drawings depict the kaleidoscopic phantasmagoria of his lucid subconscious and divine introspective explorations.
Images from the event