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AUK Renews Credit Transfer Agreement with K-Tech

12th May 2022 | by the Department of PR & Marketing

AUK renewed its transfer articulation agreement with Kuwait Technical College (K-Tech) to facilitate credit transfer between the respective institutions to provide a smooth transition for their students from one related program to another. 

The signing ceremony was attended by the chairman of K-Tech, Mr. Meshari Boodai; vice president of finance & administration, Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Ajeel; vice president for student affairs & registration, Ms. Noura Boodai; and head of Student Career Services, Ms. Emman Al-Shatti. AUK attendees included the president, Dr. Rawda Awwad; executive vice president, Ms. Amal Al-Binali; and the University registrar, Mohammed Da’na.  
Mr. Boodai expanded on the agreement’s mission, "This agreement is to facilitate the transfer of a maximum number of credits from K-Tech to AUK academic programs to ease diploma students’ journey in pursuing their bachelor’s degrees. This agreement comes within the framework of the two institutions. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with all academic institutions with new experiences that they we will offer for K-Tech graduates,” he said.

The transfer articulation agreement covers many diploma programs from K-Tech that are transferable to AUK’s related undergraduate programs. Dr. Rawda Awwad commented on the significance of this agreement by stating, “AUK is about creating, sustaining, and expanding an educational experience that is unique and aspirational. Our agreement with K-Tech provides its student constituents access to a liberal arts education where knowledge and skills serve as the cornerstones for lifelong learning and professional success. We, therefore, welcome this agreement which focuses on the need of all students and provides them with the means to make important and constructive life choices.” 

AUK President Dr. Rawda Awwad and Chairman of K-Tech Mr. Meshari Boodai

AUK President Dr. Rawda Awwad and Chairman of K-Tech Mr. Meshari Boodai renewing transfer articulation agreement

Group photo of University Registrar, Mohammed Da’na; AUK President, Dr. Rawda Awwad; Executive Vice President, Ms. Amal Al-Binali; Chairman of K-Tech, Mr. Meshari Boodai; vice President for Student Affairs & Registration, Ms. Noura Boodai and Vice President of Finance & Administration, Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Ajeel