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AUK Office of Research and Grants Hosts Seminar on Open Access Publishing

04th Jan 2023 | by the Department of PR & Marketing

The Office of Research and Grants (ORG) at AUK organized a seminar titled, Understanding Open Access Publishing. The seminar was presented by AUK librarian, Ms. Asma Al-Kanan.  
Dr. Iyad Abu Doush, ORG director, introduced the seminar and emphasized the importance of open access when publishing research. The seminar focused on the concept of open access and how it works. This included discussion on open access publishing, detailing the common models of open access publishing, licensing options, agreements, and authors’ rights.  
Ms. Al-Kanan discussed how open access allows immediate access to scientific and scholarly articles, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. Open access journals, as explained by Ms. Al-Kanan, have high research discoverability and can be shared widely and openly. 
Additionally, Ms. Al-Kanan shared two resources, Sherpa Romeo and Sherpa Juliet, that are essential to use when publishing in open access journals. She explained different types and terms of licenses provided by creative commons for researchers to use when making their work available to the public. She also highlighted that several well-known institutes have open access policies to have published outputs accessible and reusable without copyright and licensing restrictions. 
The seminar concluded with a Q&A session with the attendees.  

ORG director, Dr. Iyad Abu Doush, with Ms. Asma Al Kanan, Dr. Aaron Rababah, Dr. Claire Giddings, and Dr. Ralph William

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