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AUK Concludes Sponsorship of 26th Annual Conference and Exhibition - Special Libraries Association

14th Mar 2023 | by the Department of PR & Marketing

AUK has concluded its sponsorship of the 26th Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Special Libraries Association (SLA)—Arabian Gulf Chapter (AGC). The conference was attended by AUK president, Dr. Rawda Awwad, and University Librarian, Ms. Asma Al-Kanan, including prominent researchers within the Gulf region.  
SLA is a non-profit global organization for innovative information professionals and their strategic partners in business, government, academic, and other specialized settings. The theme of this year’s conference was “Emerging Technologies and their Applications in Libraries and Information Institutions.”  
Ms. Asma Al-Kanan explained that AUK is keen on sponsoring conferences that contribute to the development of scientific research. “The Special Libraries Association has been providing wonderful opportunities for academics and library professionals in the GCC with over 25 years of commitment and accomplishments. It is not uncommon for AUK to support such organizations as both share the common goals of facilitating learning, professional growth, and knowledge exchange,” she stated.  
In his opening speech for the conference, the president of the association, Mr. Rashid AlBaik, stated that Kuwait is ahead in hosting conferences that contribute to the development of scientific research, pointing out that the conference brings together several professionals and academics specialized in the field of information sciences. He highlighted how this gives them an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and learn about the latest developments in the field. He also expressed his gratitude towards AUK for its support of the conference. 
The head of the organizing committee and President-elect, Ms. Seham Al-Ostath, confirmed that this year's conference is a fruitful collaboration with prestigious academic and research institutions in the country, namely the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and AUK.  
Of equal importance, the keynote speaker at the conference, Dr. Anwar Al-Harbi, discussed the applications of artificial intelligence in libraries and data and information centers, indicating that digital transformation is inevitable and involves the use of emerging technologies in providing services within information institutions. 
The University also participated in the conference exhibition, introducing the research community to the Oral History Documentation Project (OHDP) which provides valuable sources for researchers by documenting important historical events. Many researchers inquired about the OHDP interviews—a significant turnout that reflects the importance of the project.  
AUK’s commitment to sponsoring conferences as such reflects its dedication to advancing knowledge and supporting the scientific community, playing a vital role in shaping the future of scientific research.  

AUK president, Dr. Rawda Awwad, during the opening ceremony

AUK president, Dr. Rawda Awwad, receiving a plaque from Mr. Rashid AlBaik

From left to right: Ms. Seham Al-Ostath, Ms. Asma Al-Kanan, and Dr. Rawda Awwad

Dr. Rawda Awwad during the exhibition

AUK’s booth in the exhibition

SLA attendees

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